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Lemon and Honey Green Tea - 20 Tea Bags

£1.69 sku GTLH0614-20

The rich sweetness of honey. The sharp tanginess of lemon. There are some flavours that are simply made for each other, which is why people have stirred honey and lemon into their black tea for generations. Now we've given this old favourite a new twist, combining it with our delicate and golden green tea. Zesty and refreshing, it could just be the perfect way to start your day...or even wind down your evening.

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Green Tea, Natural Lemon and Honey Flavourings with Other Natural Flavourings (4.7%)

Customer Reviews

95% of customers liked this product



16 Hour(s) ago


Refreshing green tea with a great taste of lemon and honey.



I like this, though the lemon and honey flavour seems a bit artificial compared with the lemon and honey infusion.



This is my husbands tea, he really enjoys this tea.


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