3 for 2 Superblends, Infusions & Green Tea

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Loose Leaf Pyramid Filled Jars

These stylish ribbed glass jars are a stunning asset to any kitchen, dining room or office space. Beautifully designed in Italy, they come filled to the brim with individually wrapped loose leaf pyramids.

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NEW - Twinings Cold Infuse

Our first ever cold water infusion, designed for your water bottle. These fabulous infusers bring just a hint of flavour to your water, making hydration even easier.

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Our wooden compartment boxes are the ultimate gift for any tea lover.

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Tokyo Design Studio

High Quality tableware inspired by both Japanese tradition and the eclectic international lifestyle of modern day Tokyo.

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Breakfast Recipe Pairings

When our English Strong Breakfast and English Breakfast blends are so delicious (unbiased opinion), why not perfectly pair your breakfast to bring out the brilliant tastes?

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The Best Breakfast Tea For You

No matter how busy or laid-back you are in the morning, a good day starts with a cup or two of your favourite breakfast tea. And there is more than one great option to choose from!

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