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About Tea

What is tea and what do you know about its history? How is it grown, how is it made and how do you drink it? All your questions will be answered. Whatever you need to know, we have got it covered.

History of Tea

Learn everything you need to know about the fascinating History of Tea.

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Where is Tea from

Explore where you tea has come from.

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How is Tea Made

Explore the journey of your cup of tea. Learn from Twinings how your tea is made from the leaf all the way to your perfect afternoon tea time.

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Tea Glossary

Tea-minology - all you need to know when tasting tea.

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How to taste tea

Tea tasting is a skill. Learn how to recognise the key flavour notes and identify different tea blends to get the most from your Twinings tea.

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Tea Grading

Know your Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe from your Fannings?

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