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Corporate Social Responsibility

We want people to be able to drink our tea with the confidence that it has come from an ethical tea plant where the welfare of the staff is a top priority. At Twinings we go the extra mile to make sure everyone involved in bringing you the beautiful cup of tea is treated in the best ethical way.

Ethical Tea

To make our wide range of blends, we buy from more than 500 tea estates in the world. We prefer to source directly from tea estates rather than through intermediaries. We have been sourcing tea for over 300 years so we have many long term relationships that are built on trust and respect.

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Our Ethical Sourcing

At Twinings, we want to give you a great tasting cup of tea, which is why we use only the highest quality materials and operate to the highest standards in all aspects of our business.

We also want you to be confident that all Twinings products are ethically sourced. We therefore work with suppliers that share our high standards, with regard to quality and service, and also very importantly, our ethical values.

At Twinings, we work to ensure that the sites which produce our raw materials, ingredients and packaging, from herbs to tins, have responsible labour and health and safety practices.

For more details read our latest Sustainability Report

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Improving Health and Nutrition with UNISEF in Assam

In 2011  Twinings and UNICEF launched a partnership to  improve the lives of 7.000 adolescent girls  in  Assam, India. Since then we have worked very closely together to make sure we provide as much help as we possibly can.  

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Conditions in the Tea Industry - Interview with Bob Tavener, CEO

There has been a fair bit of media coverage of the tea industry recently that has brought some issues into the public arena and it’s important that we talk about these.

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Darjeeling Water and Sanitation Project 

The project aims to reduce the incidence of waterborne disease for at least 3,500 people in Darjeeling.

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Environmental Commitments

Here at Twinings we are committed to protecting our environment and wherever possible reducing our impact on the planet. In order to do this we continually assess the environmental risks of our operations and put in place improvement programmes so we can reduce our impacts. We are always looking for ways to reduce our energy and water consumption, along with reducing our waste, especially our waste to landfill.

Every year all of our sites set tough targets for reducing environmental impacts. Every year we aim to improve our environmental performance - doing our bit to conserve our planet for future generations.


Since 2011, we've been working with Save the Children on a health project in Cangyuan, Yunnan to support families and help address the area's high child mortality rates.

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The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) has been rolling out a training programme in Kenya to help promote the equal treatment of workers and raise awareness about respect in the workplace.

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Case Study From Yunnan, China

A touching case study brought to you from Save the Children and Twinings. 

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