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We are thrilled to announce a brand new product range to help you put a little colour into your day.

The KeepCup is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup: designed to be both user friendly and environmentally sustainable.

With so many of us living our lives “on the go” convenience is paramount; and yet we also know disposable plastic is not sustainable long term. This is where KeepCup comes in.

Their mission is to boost the global cultural change from disposability to re-usability – in a hassle free, stylish and consumer friendly way. We couldn’t love this idea more and Keep Cup has spent years perfecting these mugs that, as Mary Poppins would say, are “practically perfect in every way”. Without having to scrimp on taste and style, having a Keep Cup handy has a series of benefits for you and the environment: hydration conscious, hassle free and environmentally beneficial.

So what exactly is a KeepCup, how does it work and what makes it so great?

KeepCup - Tea on the go

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Twinings Clear Edition Blue KeepCup

£12.00 each

The first barista standard, reusable, branded Twinings Clear Edition KeepCup in green and blue. 

15% off

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Twinings Grey & Blue KeepCup

Now: £8.50 each

Was: £10.00

The first barista standard, reusable, branded Twinings KeepCup in grey and blue. 

Best For You – Good Quality, Hassle Free and Stylish

KeepCup is the world’s first Barista standard re-usable thermal travel mug. They come in a range of colours and are both stylish and easy to handle; a real talking point. Made from lightweight, recyclable materials, they're completely BPA free, non toxic and virtually unbreakable. The Keep Cup is splash proof and the sealable lid is utterly fantastic, with a moveable clip that clamps over the sip hole – really useful on a rocky train, or in the car with a cup full of hot tea. The Keep Cup is also designed to fit into all car and bicycle cup holders.

And that’s not all: the Keep Cup is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Keep Cup also helps you to stay happily and conveniently hydrated all day long!

Top 5 Places to take your very own KeepCup

The daily commute – on the train, bus, bike or car. Your KeepCup ensures there’s no danger of spillage or scalding.

Your desk – It’s a great reminder to keep sipping on something delicious throughout the day to keep hydrated. Have a read of our article for more easy and hassle free ideas on staying hydrated.

Business meetings or coffee mornings – a great talking point and also a way to introduce friends and colleagues to the KeepCup and its multiple benefits for you and for the environment.

Picnics – the KeepCup is perfectly suited for large outdoor gatherings and picnics, for kids and grownups too. They look fun and, with their nifty lids, say goodbye to those spillages.

Long country walks – the KeepCup really comes into its own on a long walk or even a jog. Easy to handle or store in a rucksack drinks holder. You can keep refreshing on a lovely warm cup of tea or coffee. 

Twinings Glass KeepCups

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Twinings Green & Blue Glass KeepCup

£14.00 each

A Twinings branded KeepCup crafted from blown tempered glass. A premium drinking experience best suited to a tea or coffee ritual.

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Twinings Purple, Pink & Yellow Glass KeepCup

Now: £11.90 each

Was: £14.00

A Twinings branded KeepCup crafted from blown tempered glass. A premium drinking experience best suited to a tea or coffee ritual.

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Our first ever cold water infusion, designed for your water bottle.

Simply drop, leave, shake and enjoy

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