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Recipes with Green Tea

Light and refreshing, Green tea can be enjoyed as a traditional hot drink of course. As the popularity of green tea continues on its meteoric rise, we thought we would offer a few eclectic ideas on how to serve it.

Green Tea is a really popular choice for iced tea!

Especially in the summer months!

At Twinings, our master blenders have created a mouth watering array of flavoured green teas, pairing the natural earthy flavours of the green tea with ginger, lemon, and other exotic infusions… any and all of which would make a delicious and cooling iced summer drink.

For a super simple iced green tea: Let the tea “steep” for a few minutes in boiling water, then let it cool at room temperature for about half an hour, before refrigerating it for a couple of hours. Then serve over ice and sweeten to taste!

Green tea, with it’s earthy, leafy flavours is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing summer’s evening… kick back on the hammock, while the Peking duck roasts away on the BBQ and whip out your well thumbed copy of Confucious… before sipping away at one of Twinings’ wonderfully aromatic Green Teas.

Get Creative

Infuse your ice cream with green tea… bake a green tea cake… combine your green tea with fruits of your choice to make a delicious smoothie… the options are endless!


And experiment with green tea in your cooking – like infusing your sauces with it; try a green tea chicken curry for instance!

Light, fresh and delicious

Tasty and versatile, the perfect “go-to” tea for sunny days and balmy evenings, make sure you’re stocked up on Twinings diverse array of Green Teas this summer!

Sweet Green Tea Treats

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