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Tales of the Tea Pot, and how to choose yours!

The eponymous teapot has become an English institution. For many of us a teapot means so much more than a mere vessel for brewing and pouring tea. The teapot is a symbol of friendship, of telling stories and confiding in each other.

There it sits between your friends and your teacups, loyally keeping the tea warm, listening in on your conversations and never telling a soul what it’s heard. It also represents treasured moments of solitude. Like an old friend or a childhood toy, indeed like tea itself, your favourite teapot is a source of pure joy, comfort and reassurance.


The History

There is no one traditional image of the teapot. Its history is long and sometimes a little muddled: it certainly originated in China over 5000 years ago and oriental style teapots tend to be slightly smaller, individual sizes, than their English counterparts. Teapots came into existence in the UK around the 16th century.

Today, teapots come in many styles and sizes. Which teapot to choose? Large teapots for gatherings of family and friends, of course. Small teapots for those private moments, curled up with a book or a best friend. Teapots with infusers, or teapots without? Floral, traditional or modern designs? Funky and fun? Or gold plated antiques? Which material to choose? Glass or ceramic, fine bone china or simply clay… wow, what an array!

Which Teapot is for me?

Well, there’s no need to worry about a storm in a teacup… One of the great joys of drinking tea is choosing the accessories to go with it. And at Twinings we’ve a huge variety of teapots, teacups and saucers for every occasion and for all tastes. So here are a few ideas to help you choose which teapot to buy.

loose-leaf tea lovers

First and foremost what sort of tea will you serve? For loose-leaf tea lovers, buying a teapot with a built-in strainer is a great option:

For tea aficionados, watching the tea unfurl and fuse with the hot water can be mesmerizing. This stunning Telja glass teapot also has the “perfect pour” and comes in two sizes.  

If it’s tea for one, you don’t have to miss out on a glass teapot any longer with this fabulous Manon glass teapot. Effortlessly elegant, with plenty of room for the tea to infuse and unfurl, it’s also easy to store with a fold down handle.

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Manon Glass Teapot

£12.00 each

This elegant glass teapot adds flair and style to any teatime.

Alison Appleton Fritz

Those of you who prefer minimalist, modern designs check out the marvellous Alison Appleton Fritz collection, porcelain teapots with inbuilt fine stainless steel infusers.


Or for a contemporary twist on an age-old Japanese design, try the fabulous Kinto Couleur range. Each piece has been handcrafted from Hasamiyaki in Nagasaki, Japan. It comes in three stackable parts, a teapot, teacup and saucer. The spout has an inbuilt porcelain strainer.

Alison Appleton Darcy teapot & Emperor’s Bird tea set

If it’s tradition, heritage and elegance you want, it’s hard to beat our best selling Allison Appleton collection of the Darcy teapot and the Emperor’s Bird tea set. They are made from De Hua porcelain and black clay, which gives the appearance of cast iron but without the weight. Both teapots come with an integral steel filter, so are perfect for loose tea.

The Darcy teapot is finished with a wooden handle and porcelain lid, skilfully hand painted with peonies and cherry blossom.


The adorable Emperor’s Bird tea set was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale of the Emperor and the Nightingale. The porcelain lid depicts the Nightingale and the four cups, also made from black clay and porcelain have a lovely inlay of hand painted blossoms.

Allison Appleton Camellia

For simple, plain elegance the Allison Appleton Camellia teapot is a must and comes with matching teacups, which star in our current TV advert!

Teapots Sans Strainer

However, not all teapots come with a built in strainer and for these you need to use a separate tea strainer, which can lend a sense of ceremony to the art of pouring tea!

Burleigh collection

Traditionalists and lovers of ye olde Englande will adore the aristocratic style teapots in the Burleigh collection.

Burleigh Black Willow Small Teapot

£40.00 each

The “Swansea” shape teapot has a grid in the spout to regulate the flow of your favourite tea. Handprinted in black “Willow” by Burleigh.

Burleigh Red Calico Small Teapot

Now: £30.00 each

Was: £40.00

The “Swansea” shape teapot has a guard in the spout to regulate the flow of your favourite tea and is hand printed in red “Calico” by Burleigh.

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Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock Large Teapot

£55.00 each

The generous “Cranbourne” shape teapot is hand printed in Blue Regal Peacock by Burleigh. It has a grid in the spout to regulate the flow of your favourite tea.

The Windsor shaped Coronation Meadows teapot is ideal for royal fans and lovers of British wild flowers; made by Burleigh for Highgrove, the country estate of the Prince of Wales.

The two Swansea shaped teapots come in beautiful Black Willow and Red Calico and last and most beautiful of all is the Cranbourne style teapot in hand printed Royal Blue Peacock. All of the Burleigh teapots have an inbuilt grid to regulate the pour and make graceful additions to the tea table.


elegant & glamorous

Combining tradition with modern glamour the Miss Etoile Eyes teapot is the epitome of elegance.

With long-lashed eyes and blushed cheeks either side of the spout, she is both trés chic and fun! One of our favourites, Miss Etoile is the perfect pot for catching up with a girlfriend or two.


I love my teapot!

- feefo review

Rated 5 based on 0 reviews

Miss Etoile Eyes Teapot

£36.00 each

Out of stock

The brilliantly white ceramic Miss Etoile Eyes & Dots teapot is beautifully crafted from ceramic and decorated with a distinctive feminine face with blush pink cheeks and enhanced with black dots and gold accents.

Broste Copenhagen

Almost the exact opposite in style, we love these rustic Nordic designs from Broste; perfect for a wooden kitchen table in a country cottage! Simplicity at its best.


For a fusion of quaint tradition and funky flair we adore the Loveramics range!

Each piece is designed to combine luxury with everyday living. The Flutter tea for one is just beautiful. Inspired by Chinese flower bird paintings. For more social occasions, their larger teapots, inspired by the reflection of petals on a pond in summer combine a classic floral theme with a modern design.

So perhaps there’s more to the “little teapot short and stout” than at first you thought.

As loyal and comforting as an old friend, the sturdy protector of your precious tea and as trustworthy as a pet, a teapot pours forth its tea as much as we pour out our stories over a cup of its piping hot contents. So, if teapots could talk, whose teapot would you like to listen to? Happy tea times!

Favourite Tea Accessories

Shop All Tea Accessories

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Tea Timer

£32.50 each

Our Twinings Tea Timer will help you brew your teas and infusions for the right amount of time!

Silver-plated Tea Strainer

£16.00 each

Out of stock

This elegant two-handled, silver-plated tea strainer will complement your best tea set.

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Twinings Tea Tidy

£6.00 each

Stylish Twinings branded stainless steel tea bag tidy.

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