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Twinings Tea Pods

Tea at the touch of a button

Exciting announcement alert!

We’ve been hard at work developing a new hassle free way to get your premium quality cuppa at the touch of a button.

May we introduce our brand new Nespresso compatible tea capsules. Premium Twinings tea, instantly. These tea capsules reduce brewing time by 90% - tea extraction in just seconds.

In-store and available from Twinings.co.uk and our London flagship store now!


A tea pod, or tea capsule, is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s just like your coffee capsules, but filled with premium quality Twinings tea leaves instead, without compromising on quality and taste. We would never do that.

These tea pods are totally compatible with your Nespresso machine and make a fabulous alternative to your fresh instant coffee.

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What’s in the Tea Pod?

We’ve created tea capsules for three different and delicious Twinings premium teas.

Each tea pod contains carefully selected tea leaves chosen by our master blenders. And we’ve chose three super exciting flavours to appeal to your every mood. Instant tea, instant smile.

Garden & Peppermint

An earthy green tea with fresh mint flavour.


Honeymoon Vanilla

A rich black tea with smooth and creamy vanilla flavour.


Little India Chai

A sweet and spicy Chai without any of the fuss and faff.


Easy to handle – what’s not to like?

Thanks to this break-through design, the perfect cup of tea is now just the push of a button away. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Specialised tea pods are seriously good news for tea drinkers, because they can be used with your coffee maker
  • Perfect every time, fast, mess free, top quality and all at the touch of a button

Twinings tea capsules are compatible with domestic drop-through Nespresso® machines (excluding professional and 'built in' models).

What do they look like?

Twinings tea capsules come in three beautifully designed boxes in a range three of tasty infusions and flavours. There are 10 capsules per box.

Keeping it green - they are fully recyclable.

Where can you find them?

Online at twinings.co.uk and at Waitrose

Great for

Busy people, coffee and tea drinking households, fabulous presents and stocking fillers. 


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