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Flavoured Black Teas

Simply perfect for those who love to delve into adventurous new taste experiences. Immerse yourself in our delicious range of Spicy Chai, Moroccan Mint, Smoky Lapsang, Bold Kenyan, Golden Darjeeling and Pure Ceylon. Have you tried our brand NEW Turkish Apple and China Rose yet?

Our master blenders have searched the world for the most delicious, authentic and exciting blends, refined them expertly, and delivered them in our uniquely luxurious Origins infusions. These are simply perfect for those who love to delve into adventurous new taste experiences.

Whether it’s the intensity of an Indian spice market, the strength and robustness of a traditional Kenyan infusion or the delicate, exquisite flavours of the Darjeeling region, this worldly range captures the finest in luxurious and full-bodied infusions from across the globe. Taste the rich and mellowing flavour of freshly-smoked Lapsang, or the sweetness of the apple tea served within Turkish bazaars, all within the comfort of your own home.

Inspired by the history of Rose Congou

The Story

Our new blend China Rose has been inspired by the history of Rose Congou. For centuries the Chinese have been adding scents to their teas through flower blossoms. The word Congou is the generic name for top quality black China tea. (we wouldn’t refer to Congou on the pack).

The flavouring comes from fragrant rose blossoms that are spread between layers of a light black tea, which creates a wonderful smell and taste. The tea itself is black and is made with careful skill to create thin, delicate strips of whole leaves.

The Tea

China tea with the sweet & subtle scent of rose.

Floral with a subtle sweetness.  The light China tea is perfect with the delicate rose.


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China Rose - 20 Envelopes

£2.49 each

This tea is inspired by the charm & tranquillity of a Chinese rose garden.

The Tempting Sweetness of an Authentic Turkish Infusion

Within Turkey’s bustling bazaars, the enticing scent of fine teas fills the air. Whether it’s the floral scents of camomile, the sweetness of rose, or the sharpness of mint, the sights, flavours and fragrances of these settings are a delight for all of the senses. 

Our master blenders have taken inspiration from these traditional markets, and have selected one tea which encapsulates a Turkish Bazaar above all others; sweet, rich Turkish Apple Tea.

Turkey is a nation in love with tea, and for locals and travellers alike, there are few more memorable experiences from a Turkish Bazaar than the chance to indulge in a delightful taste of this particular blend, often served generously in tulip shaped glasses.

Incorporating the sweetness of apple with the delicate flavour of tea from the rolling mountains flanking the Black Sea, Twinings’ Turkish Apple Tea is an infusion which will warm and comfort, whilst sending your mind racing to the vibrancy of the world-famous Grand Bazaar.


Mild and sweet green tea, with a rounding of spearmint and a touch of warming cardamom.



Bold and earthy with a touch of zest. It’ll remind you of your usual cup, but with a twist.



Like an autumn bonfire, mellow and comforting.



Mild and sweet green tea, with a rounding of spearmint and a touch of warming cardamom.



How to Enjoy our Flavoured Black Teas

These products pair wonderfully with the adventurous flavours in our Black Tea range.

Repeat Repeat Tulip Crocus Mug

£14.00 each

These tulip-shaped bone china mugs are cosy and comforting to hold. This floral design was influenced by Scandinavian folk art.


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Alison Appleton Fritz Teapot - White

£22.00 each

Fritz porcelain teapot with fine stainless steel infuser is perfect for brewing the finest tea exactly how you like it.

These new blends are the start of something big at Twinings, keep your eyes and ears pealed so you don’t miss out on the next exciting thing!

Happy Tea Times

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