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Top 10 Ways to add #ALittleSparkle

Top 10 Ways to add #ALittleSparkle for your friends and families' this Christmas

1) Make your own advent calendar using our pick and mix range, so you can try a new tea each day!

2) Share the sparkle with a surprise gift for someone who doesn’t expect it. It could be the person at your local shop who always helps with a smile or your neighbour who puts up with your family’s ‘boisterous’ noise

3) Snuggle up with your favourite Christmas film, a tasty cup of tea and some biscuits. Cosy perfection.

4) Baking lots and lots of Christmas cookies. Perfect for tea times and even for those charity bring and buy sales or simply to hand out as little gifts.

5) Put up far too many Christmas lights! Who cares about magazine picture perfect decorations when you can have heaps and heaps of fairy lights?

6) Play a game of Secret Santa with the extended family and friends in the run up to Christmas. The excitement of anonymous presents at the foot of your bed or through the post box! 

7) Volunteering your time at a retirement home chatting, cheering and singing carols with older people who don’t have families to go to for Christmas. A great thing to do with the kids, too.

8) Crisp country walks followed by a warming mulled wine and traditional pub lunch

9) Sitting down to a big family game like Risk, Monopoly and of course… Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a game of Charades

10) Have a Christmas tree-decorating party, accompanied with Twinings Christmas tea and mince pies!

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