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Twinings Caffeine Free Hot Drinks

Caffeinated teas and coffees have long been our go-to beverage to give us that extra “kick” during the day. We absolutely adore our morning cup and nothing can beat the steaming power of a mug of English Strong Breakfast. Yet research suggests we should limit our caffeine intake to no more than 4 cups of tea or 2 cups of coffee per day.

So with that in mind – how do we create healthy, colourful, tasty caffeine free options that still give us that renewed sense of vitality, alertness and optimism?

Our master blenders have created a colourful kaleidoscope of fruity infusions that can be enjoyed hot or cold, morning, noon and night. Going caffeine free, or simply limiting your caffeine intake, doesn’t have to be a chore or even hard work.

Our infusions are designed to add an extra bit of fun to your day. Vibrant, uplifting and bursting with juicy goodness and flavour, they are an amazing pick-me up. (Without the energy drop you can feel after caffeinated, sugary and fizzy drinks).

Going caffeine free can be an adventure in experimenting with your favourite flavours. Twinings infusions are more than just a caffeine free hot drink: Every single one is an experience that engages all the senses and really unlocks the promise of every day.

Waking up in technicolour

Enliven your senses and wake up with a sparkle in your eye and smile on your lips with Twinings fruit infusions.

Try our dazzling array of blended fruits like Strawberry & Mango. Filled with a rainbow of colours and bursting with flavour, they also come in stunning Twinings packaging – a cheerful sight to greet you as you open the cupboard first thing in the morning. 100% natural, sugar free and caffeine free, these delicious hot drinks offer the perfect cup to awaken your senses. 

Mid-morning motivation

Bursting with berry-licious goodness, a cup of Twinings Blackcurrant and Blueberry fruit infusion makes a perfect, re-energising caffeine free hot drink at “elevenses” time.

A magnificent mid-morning motivator, sugar free yet with the natural sweetness of the currant and berry flavours.

Liven up after lunch

When you’re back at the desk and your body’s digesting lunch, you can sometimes feel more like taking a nap than taking that call. Twinings zingy Lemon & Ginger infusion is the perfect caffeine free treat to wake up the senses.

Ginger and lemon are great after a meal and the zingy smell and fiery taste really puts the vitality back into your afternoon.

Aromatic Afternoons

We’re all familiar with that after lunch “sinking feeling” (as Anna the Duchess of Bedford and friend to Queen Victoria called it back in the 1800s. It was for that reason that she invented the concept of afternoon tea!). Instead of a short-lived shot of caffeine, why not try a ruby red Strawberry and Raspberry fruit infusion or the invigorating Nettle & Peppermint to rejuvenate your afternoon. These infusions come with mouth-watering aromas and amazing taste. Really engaging all of your senses for a completely sensuous yet energising experience.

Ease into the evening

Why not replace your after-dinner coffee with a cooling, relaxing yet refreshing mint tea. Twinings has a marvellous medley of mixed mint teas to choose from - all of them caffeine free, sugar free and with only 4 calories per cup… what’s not to like?

For more on mint tea and the varieties of Twinings mint infusions have a read here.

Snooze time

We’ve got a really imaginative collection of Camomile teas. Camomile on its own is a traditional infusion for calming down and easing into the land of nod. Our master blenders - also known as the pop stars of the tea world - have come up with a superb range of camomiles, combined with delicious flavours. Try our Camomile and Mint, soothing Camomile and Honey and a warming winter tisane of Camomile and Spiced Apple.  

Twinings Infusions - the Natural Way to Colour Your Day.

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