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Valentines Day - 10 Ways to show you care

Are you prepped? All you need is love and a little of inspiration to create a memorable day for that special someone. Here are 10 ever-romantic ideas and you can earn some extra brownie points for having a fabulous gift at the ready.


Not everyone is a fan of getting crumbs all over the sheets. But who doesn't love the idea of being woken up with a kiss and their favourite cup of tea - perfectly made by the person who knows exactly which cup of breakfast tea you like best. 

Go all the way and add a rose and a card - the perfect way to say ‘I love you’.


Find a quiet moment to sneak out and attach a little love letter to the steering wheel or hide it inside the laptop so that it pops up at the beginning of the working day.


It’s the universal language of love. In the olden days, people made tapes for each other - listing the technological challenges involved in producing such a mixed cassette would go beyond the scope of this little list of ideas!

Creating a personal playlist that evokes special memories is such a nice thing to do - so get mixing.


A favourite mug and tea is not just for Valentine's Day.

Our pretty and luxurious gift bags and boxes have ultimate magpie appeal and the limited edition Be My Valentine caddy looks very pretty on the breakfast table and will be a lovely reminder of your undying love for days and weeks to come.


Wrapping up warm and taking a stroll, arm in arm, is a lovely way to share an afternoon.

Even better, take along a brightly coloured (yes, we have a red one) KeepCup with both your favourite tea (you knew we’d get tea in there didn’t you?!) to add some delicious warmth to your venture or ready to go in the car for when you come back.

Valentine's Gifts From Twinings

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Roses are Red Gift Bag

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Our Roses Are Red giftbag is the perfect gift for any tea lover and is packed full of flavour.

Violets are Blue Gift Bag

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A perfect gift for a tea lover on the move, combining a crisp Ceylon Black tea and keep cup.

You're My Cup of Tea Gift Bag

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The perfect gift for any tea lover, this gift combines our traditional English Breakfast blend, our classic Earl Grey and our Assam offering a stronger and malty flavour to delight your taste buds.

Snuggle Up Gift Bag

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Our Snuggle up gift bag is the perfect accompaniment when you want a quiet night in or a lazy day.


The most quintessential English rendezvous locations and the perfect place for that Instagram moment, too.

Treat yourselves to a date at a luxury hotel for a three-course extravaganza of sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and assorted cakes like meringues, lemon and raspberry drizzle and macaroons. Afternoon tea for two is sure to win anyone’s heart and you get to try lots of new flavours, teas (and hopefully a glass of champagne..!).


Super fun and super thoughtful.

Leave a trail of clues, with little presents and messages on post-it notes around the house gradually building up to a big surprise present.


Create a photo album of shared experiences. Perhaps of a special holiday, event or a round up of the last year together.

There are some brilliantly easy apps and you can have a book printed online in no time. Or go old school and make your own scrap book or a funky hand-made frame for your most favourite picture (think fridge art!).


Cooking together can be really fun and flirtatious (aka Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones). If you'd rather save your energy and concentrate on the flirting bit, then why not resort to a romantic hack - scrummy ready-made meals for 2 make for an equally delicious candle lit dinner.


Valentine’s Day is above all else a day for some serious pampering.

Forget those half-hearted shoulder rubs in front of the TV and dedicate a good amount of time to a proper massage. Follow this with a hot bath (aromatherapy oils - hint, hint) and get cosy with a romantic movie in front of the fire (a big cuddly blanket is equally great!) afterwards. Hot chocolate affair, anyone!?

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