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Fruit and Herbal Infusions

Our Fruit and Herbal Infusions are intense, bold and beautiful. The go-to teas 24 hours a day. We have a huge selection (more than 50!) of fruit and herbal teas. Dive into a world bursting with colours and delicious flavours.

Our fruit and herbal teas are just fabulous. The range reaches from classics such as Camomile and Peppermint to more obscure tastes such as Pomegranate & Raspberry and Comforting Liquorice. Our fruit and herbal teas are perfect for any time of the year; they are fantastic to cosy up with in the winter and fabulous to cool down with in the summer. They are brilliant in recipes such as Iced Tea, ideal after supper and simply make water taste wonderful.

Only 4 calories per cup!

We know you want to look after yourself and we want to look after you! So we have made sure that all our fruit and herbals only carry 4 calories per cup.

It's super simple: Calories down - Taste up. A perfect addition for a healthy diet and a great companion in everyday life.

Brew one of your favourite Fruit and Herbal Teas, cool it down with ice, put it in a sports bottle and take it to the gym! Our Fruit and Herbal teas only have 4 calories per cup; they really do make the perfect gym buddy.

Take your tea to the gym!

Explore our range

We have a extraordinary selection of fruit and herbal teas, one to suit any occasion.

Simple Fruits

Naturally caffeine free and made with pure, all natural ingredients.

Lemon Zest
Apple Crunch
Winter Spice


Intensely Double Mint
Intensely Lime & Ginger
Intensely Blackcurrant & Rhubarb


Our fruit & herbal infusions are designed to tantalises every single taste bud in your mouth. We have partnered the most fabulous and original flavours together to bring you that extra special cup of tea.


Many of our infusions come in a beautifully quilled box design with swirling earthy, peachy shades. And if you didn’t know about quilling here you go. Quilling is the art of rolling, folding, twisting and shaping slim strips of paper into beautiful, intricate designs.

The technique dates back some 500 years and was originally developed to imitate gold and silver filigree work - which looks similar, but costs a whole lot more.

Today, quilling is back in fashion. It's still very much a handcraft, as machines cannot do the same job. You still need the same amount of patience, skill and dexterity - just as you would have hundreds of years ago.

Naturally caffeine free and made with all natural ingredients.

Health Benefit teas

Feel alive with our gorgeous Health Benefit Teas. Each flavour as amazing as the last and all are naturally caffeine free!



Explore our delicious range of Herbal teas each one is as tasty as the last and are all 4 calories each!

Comforting Liquorice
Settling Ginger
Invigorating Peppermint

Fruit Tea Infusions

All naturally caffeine free and made with pure, all natural ingredients. Each cup is only 4 calories!

Fruit Infusions

Mango & Cinnamon
Strawberry & Raspberry
Blueberry & Apple

Star Struck....


We were delighted when Niall Horan of world renown band One Direction got in touch to tell us how much he loves our Lemon & Ginger Infusion, saying "@TwiningsTeaUK love your work! Your lemon and ginger is great! Drink about 3 or 4 cups before stage".

One Direction is well known for their love of British food and drink whilst away on tour and we were so excited to hear that Niall can't go on stage without a cup of Twinings tea.  We were so excited, in fact, that we sent Niall an extra special treat: his very own Niall Horan & One Direction boxes of tea.

At first glance, they may look like any other box of our Lemon & Ginger infusion, but take a closer look.  On closer inspection, the boxes are printed with the caption 'Niall Horan & One Direction' - "Naturally caffeine free...that's what makes you beautiful!"

Tweeting about the custom made tea, the 'Kiss You' star said: "Thanks very much @TwiningsTeaUK! love the ole lemon and ginger tea! Love the boxes as well haha."
Our Fruit and Herbal Range really does have something for everyone, whether you like your cup to be light and delicate or for it to be intense and bold we have got it covered.

Fruit and Herbal Range

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St. Clements - 20 Tea Bags

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An Orange & Lemon flavour infusion

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