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Green Tea

Our Green Tea is one of the best in the business. We source our tea from carefully selected tea gardens and we really know how to take care of it. Green Tea is delicate and beautiful so it should be treated with the utmost respect.

We've also been super creative and hope you love the mouth watering array of flavoured Twinings green teas as much as we do!

What is Green Tea?

Green Tea is probably the original tea to be imported into the UK, and probably the first tea ever imported by Twinings.

It comes from the Camellia Sinensis; the tea plant, and the same plant that our daily black tea comes from.

However, it is produced in a slightly different way to give it the unique flavour we all know. The leaves are not given the opportunity to oxidise as with black tea, leaving the teas green in colour.

Oxidation is when the enzymes in the leaf react with the Oxygen in the air, turning the leaves brown, and producing the flavour profile we recognise within black teas.

By gently heating the leaves first, it puts a stop to this chemical reaction, meaning the leaves don't oxidise, and we end up with Green Tea.

Twinings Green Teas - The Natural Way To Colour Your Day

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Pure Green Tea - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.99 each

Gentle sencha steaming and pan firing creates this refreshing, earthy blend which retains its natural, distinctive flavour.

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Green Tea & Jasmine - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.99 each

Pretty white jasmine flowers are picked layered with green tea. This blend is pure elegance; smooth and floral.  

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Green Tea, Orange & Lotus Flower - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.99 each

Lotus flowers are a symbol of the sun. Their beautiful, fragrant petals unfurl each day at the break of dawn to reveal a pure and inner glow. We've blended hints of this delicate flower with a zesty, sun kissed orange flavour and our green tea to create this blend full of sunshine.

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Green Tea, Mango & Lychee - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.99 each

The distinctive flavour of Lychee- a sweet fruit wrapped in a tough, spiky shell and blended with the sweet, ripe flavour of mango and green tea; a sunny, tropically-sweet combination.

All About Green Tea

  • Green tea has a deliciously long history dating back nearly 5000 years. Unsurprisingly it comes from… China, where it was first brewed for medicinal purposes. China remains the home of tea and is where the overwhelming majority of Green tea is still produced. Green tea is an integral part of Chinese heritage, culture and export.
  • Green tea is also famous as a Japanese drink. Green tea was brought to Japan in 1191 by a Zen Buddhist priest. Nowadays green tea is Japan’s favourite tea – indeed they just call it… tea!
  • Other countries that produce Green Tea include Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka… the climate of South East Asia being the most conducive to tea growing.
  • Yes, Green Tea has caffeine in it. So why is it so relaxing? For instance, it is traditionally used as a pre-meditation, or a post massage drink, exactly for its soothing qualities. It contains L-theanine which reduces the impact of the caffeine.
  • Just as with black teas, the time of harvesting affects the quality of Green teas. The “first flush” is generally considered the finest and tastiest quality of tea and is harvested around April / May. Then come the second and third flushes, and occasionally a fourth flush will be harvested in the autumn.
  • Green tea can become a little bitter if overbrewed – it really only needs to brew or “steep” for about two minutes in just-below-boiling water.
  • Just as with black teas, loose leaf green teas are considered just that bit higher quality. It is the tea traditionally served in China at tea time rather than the famous first flush Darjeeling for English afternoon tea. Of course as with “normal” teas – you can enjoy a perfectly delicious green tea from a tea bag!
  • Chinese green teas are made from over 600 different types of the Camellia Sinensis plant (the same plant that gives us black tea) and grown in over 50 regions around China!
  • We call Green tea from Japan Green Sencha, to differentiate it from Chinese Green Tea. This is because the production and treatment methods are different. In China, the green tea leaves are harvested and then pan fried, sun dried or oven dried. In Japan, the first flush sencha leaves are steamed. Chinese green tea is consequently an earthier taste, while Japanese green tea has a fresh, leafy taste to it.
  • As the popularity of green tea continues on its meteoric rise, we thought we would offer a few eclectic ideas on how to serve it ...

Our Famous Indulgent Greens

There's nothing quite like the feeling of falling back in love. That can't-quite-believe-it moment when you discover a treasured old pair of heels at the back of the wardrobe, and realise they go perfectly with your snazzy new dress. The joy of hearing a much-loved song for the first time in years, then filling your playlist with a 90s boy band downloading spree. Or finding the exact right kind of jam at a farmer's market that'll help your cakes taste just like your Granny used to make.

We've heard from lots of tea lovers who are eager to feel that way about Green Tea. They love the idea of making it part of their effort to look after their health and wellbeing, but they find pure Green Tea sometimes a little too bitter to enjoy every day. Maybe they just haven't found the one that gives them that warm, fuzzy feeling yet.

That's why we've put all our expertise into creating three fabulous new flavoured Sweet inspired Green Teas for you to fall head-over-heels in love with. They have all the benefits of pure Green Tea, but, best of all, none of the bitterness.

A great taste and the feel-good factor you're looking for, all in the same cup - what's not to like?

Indulgent Green Teas - green teas but not as you know it

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Gingerbread Indulgence Green Tea - 20 Envelopes

£2.69 each

This Indulgent Green has the tangy warmth of gingerbread, baked to perfection. With real ginger pieces and golden syrup flavour, this is an entirely new take on traditional green tea.


Myth: Green Tea comes from the Green Tea plant
Green Tea in fact comes from the same plant as other teas; the Camellia Sinensis. It is simply treated differently.

Myth: Green Tea is not a tea at all
Truth: Green Tea is most certainly tea and a pretty special variety at that. It comes from the original tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) but is treated in a specific way to give it that unusual flavour we know and love.

Myth: Green Tea is only grown in China
Truth: Green Tea is mostly produced in China, where 80% of the world's Green Tea comes from, but there are some excellent Green Teas available from the Far East, and a little from South India, in the Assam region. It is exported from some regions of South America. The expertise in Green Tea do however lie in China, where they have been producing it for years.

Myth: Green Tea tastes disgusting
Truth: Not at all! Obviously everyone has their own personal tastes and some people do not like the original taste of Green Tea. We've taken that into account and have blended some fabulous flavoured Green Tea to make sure everyone can enjoy!

Don't leave your tea bag in your cup for too long because this gives it the bitter taste, you only need to brew a cup of Green Tea for 2 minutes!

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Jasmine Pearls

£25.00 each

Hand rolled pearls of jasmine scented green tea. Country of origin: China - Fujian Province

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Gunpowder Green

£10.00 each

Tightly rolled pellets of fine green tea. Country of origin: China - Zhejiang Province

Green Assam OP

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China Green

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