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Assam Adventure

An Assam tea from the best quality peak second flush

BLEND nº 29


From its eponymous region in North-eastern India, Assam has all the richness and opulence you'd associate with finest grade tea. And as with all good produce, whether it be wine or tea, the environment in which it's grown is fundamental to producing a high quality end product.

The Story Behind It

Georgina's evocative description of the Assam area is not only beautiful, but enlightens us as to why the tea produced in the area is so esteemed. The high levels of precipitation followed by periods of intense heat (about 40°C in the daytime), and the nutrient rich clay soil of the vast Brahmaputra floor plain, help to create the tea's strong malty flavour and deep-amber colour. In fact, Assam yields about 600 million kgs of tea a year making it the largest growing tea region in the world. We like to think of Assam as the grandfather (or mother!) of all black teas as it was introduced in Britain by The East Indian Company as far back as 1840.
When we're choosing tea for our Signature Blends range we look especially at shape and size of the leaves. These give us a good indication of the grade and the level of flavour the leaf holds. In fact, Assam is usually harvested twice and it's the second flush of tea (known as 'tippy tea') with distinctive gold tips that are considered to be of better quality.

It's these special high-grade 'tippy' leaves that we at Twinings seek out for our Signature Blends Assam Adventure tea.

It has that wonderful fresh malty character at the end, a slight lingering jammy sweetness

Our senior tea buyer, Georgina Durnford, knows only too well that provenance and terrain play a huge role in the resulting taste of the tea. 

In her 10 years with Twinings, Georgina Durnford has specialised in many tea producing areas including: Kenya, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, china and Vietnam. 

However, her visit to the Dibrugarh region of Assam (in North-Eastern India) was particularly memorable:

The size and breadth of the Brahmaputra River just dominates the whole terrain and the floodplains… added to that, the weather conditions, intense heat, followed by Monsoon rains create a unique environment.

Making Your Tea

Although, we can't all physically experience the landscape of Assam, the flavours of this tea go a long way to evoking what it is that makes the region so extraordinary.

All our Signature Blends come beautifully presented in our specially designed loose tea box with stylish matt black with gold detailing. Inside, you'll find a matching pair of tins filled with 100g our finest loose tea and a handy tea scoop.

To maximise the tea's full bodied flavour, Georgina recommends using 3 or 4 scoops  in a pot and allowing the tea to brew for a approximately 4 minutes. Pour with a tea strainer and add milk to bring out this special tea's full malty character.

We're very proud of this premium tea and to quote Georgina:

"I think that our Signature Blends range demonstrates the breadth and depth of experience that Twinings has for tea. It highlights all of the best teas you can buy and enjoy today. It also really sums up our eye for quality and for detail, as we're always ensuring that the consumer has the best experience they possibly can. I really hope that you enjoy these teas"
Assam Adventure and other Twinings Signature blends are available worldwide from our website and from the  Twinings Strand Shop & Museum.

Twinings Signature Blend Teas - Assam Adventure - An Introduction To Blend No. 29

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