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English Morning

A blend of second flush golden tip Assam and a low-grown Ceylon with silver tips and black leaves

BLEND nº 12

Guided by Mike Wright, who's honed his tea tasting expertise over 25 years at Twinings, we're taking a closer look at this very special English Breakfast blend - with its vibrant flavours for a smooth, gentle start to your day.  


As you can tell from the name, English Morning is a tea to refresh you at the start of the day. It's a blend designed to awaken your senses - a great combination of Assam and what's known as a 'low grade' Ceylon. But don't be fooled by the term 'low grade'; it doesn't mean it's low in quality. In fact, it's exactly the opposite; this tea is very high in quality. 'Low' refers to the location where it is grown -at an altitude under 2,000 feet from sea level.

The Story Behind It

The Ceylon used in this blend comes from an area of Sri Lanka called Rahuna Galle. Here, the humidity and particular characteristics of that part of the island create distinctive large leaf teas that are black and wiry. 

English Morning Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box

£25.00 each

English Morning is a blend of second flush golden tip Assam and a low-grown Ceylon with silver tips and black leaves. Created by Twinings Masterblender Michael Wright.

The specific tea chosen for this blend has a really interesting leaf with a silver tip. Combined with the Assam, which is a golden tip. This creates an exquisite looking tea with both these large, tipped, flowery petal-type leaves.

Making Your Tea

For the perfect brew, allow the water to get to boiling point but don't let it over-boil. Then pour the water immediately onto the tea and allow it to brew for around three to four minutes (not too much more otherwise the tea will stew). For the best drinking experience, serve it as soon as possible. What you'll taste is the strength of the Assam, tempered with the smoothness of the Ceylon. As Mike explains:
"This is the ultimate breakfast tea because you've got vibrancy and strength - which is a 'pick you up' in the morning. You get your hit of tea but you also get a gentle introduction of the caffeine. So it's not like coffee where it's an instant hit - you get a slower and gentler introduction to your brand new day."
Find out more about English Morning and the other Twinings Signature blends in our online shop or at the Twinings Strand Shop & Museum. 
Twinings Signature Blend Teas - English Morning - An Introduction To Blend No. 12

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