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Earl Grey Citrus

A blend of Keemun leaves, low-grown Ceylon, and the subtle flavours of bergamot and grapefruit

BLEND nº 31

Earl Grey Tea has been part of the Twinings collection for a very long time. Perhaps our most well-known aromatic blend, the bergamot-flavoured tea is a key member of
our Signature Blend Collection and was created by our master tea blender Philippa Thacker. 


It's made from a base of Keemun Tea and Ceylon Tea with added Bergamot oil to create the distinctive citrusy flavour that you'd expect from a traditional Earl Grey. But what's special about this version is, the added hint of Grapefruit oil that creates another layer of flavour and adds our master blender Philippa's signature.

The Story Behind It

It's a tea with aristocratic, cultural and political roots. The tea has a lovely story, as Philippa explains.

Charles Earl Grey was prime minister from 1830 to 1834. He is remembered for pushing parliament to pass the act to abolish slavery throughout the British Empire in 1833. It was this noble Earl who loved the elegant taste of a bergamot-infused Chinese blend so much that he petitioned Richard Twining to recreate it. Twinings' Earl Grey Tea was then born.

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Earl Grey Citrus Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box

£25.00 each

Earl Grey Citrus is a blend of Keemun leaves, low-grown Ceylon, and the subtle flavours of bergamont and grapefruit. Created by Twinings Masterblender Philippa Thacker.

Earl Grey is a tea instantly recognisable for its delicious combination of Chinese black tea and the Citrus flavour of Bergamot. This signature blend, however, is made sublime by the addition of a well-rounded Ceylon, which gives fullness to the cup and perfectly complements a base of top-quality Keemun Tea from Eastern China's Anhui Province. The tea pays homage to its history, with bergamot oil adding refreshing, zesty top notes that really remind you of summer and the grapefruit flavour rounding off the cup perfectly. As Philippa says:

If you love Earl Grey, I'm convinced that you'll love this

"It was the second Earl Grey - Charles, who bought back the original recipe from China and passed that on many years ago… even today we still have the seal of approval and signature of the current Earl Grey who has approved our Twinings' Earl Grey as the original"


As with all our teas, make sure you use freshly boiled fresh water. As soon as it's boiled, pour the water straight over the tea leaves in your teapot and enjoy the fragrance of bergamot and black tea infusing. We'd recommend using one teaspoon per person, and then an extra one for the pot. Tea making can be a lovely ritual if you've got the time, so allow yourself a few moments to steep the leaves properly and release all of their flavour, along with that of the tangy bergamot. According to your taste, 3 to 4 minutes should be sufficient. Philippa, our tea blender, suggests drinking it black to experience to tea's true flavours. Although, as with all Earl Grey teas, a slice of lemon or a touch of milk will also make for a lovely drink. 

We've packaged all our Signature Blends teas in specially made tea boxes that reflect the artistry that's gone in to creating this exclusive blend. 
Earl Grey Citrus and other Twinings Signature blends are available worldwide from our website and from the  Twinings Strand Shop & Museum.

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