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Jasmine Bloom

A blend of China tea with jasmine-scented green tea and the subtle flavour of rose

BLEND nº 8

As with most creative processes, producing a new and unique tea requires a combination of hard work, expertise and - very often - just a little bit of serendipity. This was exactly how our Jasmine Bloom tea came into existence. 


The initial concept for this delightful Signature Blend came from a chance encounter when master-blender Philippa Thacker went to hear a talk by a renowned perfumer. In conversation with the speaker afterwards, they got talking about tea, aroma and perfume.

It occurred to me I could recreate a kind of perfume base with tea. So I chose some high quality jasmine green tea and then combined that with some black tea and rose oil.

Philippa has worked in the tea industry for 20 years - 18 of which she has spent at Twinings. She specialises in tea from China and both the green and black tea used in Jasmine Bloom come from this part of the world. Jasmine tea itself is well known in China and is what they call a 'scented tea', made from freshly plucked flowers.


For the Signature Blend, Philippa and the Twinings team use jasmine tea that has been scented up to five times to ensure the aroma stays for the lifetime of the product. The black tea used for the blend is light, smooth and golden, which is combined with a base of green tea.

The result is a very delicately balanced tea with flavours that perfectly complement each other rather than competing for dominance. Rose oil further enhances these flavours and finally, a smattering of petals ensures the tea looks as beautiful as it tastes.
For Philippa, the joy of tea making comes from the invention of new blends.

With Jasmine Bloom, Philippa has succeeded in creating a truly fine, memorable and exquisitely delicious tea.

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Jasmine Bloom Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box

£25.00 each

A blend of China tea with jasmine-scented green tea and the subtle flavour of rose. Created by Twinings Masterblender Philippa Thacker.

We like nothing better than to brew fine examples of teas…worthy of being included in this range.

Jasmine Bloom and other Twinings Signature blends are available worldwide from our website and from the  Twinings Strand Shop & Museum.

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Twinings Signature Blend Teas - Jasmine Bloom - An Introduction To Blend No. 08

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