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Perfect Afternoon

A three-part blend of whole lead Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon

BLEND nº 27

Each of our Signature Blends is personally developed by one of our Master Blenders. Pouring years of knowledge and expertise into each blend and infusion, they draw inspiration from their unique experiences in the world's special tea growing regions. Above all, they put their heart and soul, not to mention commitment and precision, into the recipes they lovingly create. That's why each blend proudly carries the signature of its creator. For Perfect Afternoon, this is Michael Wright.


Slightly lighter than a morning tea, Perfect Afternoon is specifically blended to be savoured later on in the day. It's a very high quality blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon which delivers richness, overlaid with delicate notes to complement the food that you might be having in the afternoon. Whether you're enjoying it with sandwiches, cake, or other little treats, this tea will lift you with its gentle character and sophisticated taste.

The Story Behind It

We've selected three extra special teas from classic regions to create Perfect Afternoon - Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon. The Assam is very rich, quite robust and the perfect building block for this particular blend. It's a second flush, peak quality tea, grown between the end of May and beginning of June.
This is combined, rather unusually but extremely effectively, with Darjeeling - often referred to as the Champagne of teas because it's a unique tea from a very small growing region in India. As Michael explains.

The selected Assam and Darjeeling teas are joined by a Ceylon from the Dimbulah region. Adding this flavourful western highland tea creates a spectacular result with delicate flavoured notes coming through to lighten the bold Assam.   
"Darjeeling itself sits in the Himalayan foothills - spectacular scenery, spectacular teas. You wouldn't be able to reproduce these teas anywhere else in the world because of the soil, because of the climate, because of all the factors that come together to create the exceptional taste."

Making Your Tea

To taste this tea at its very best, use fresh water (filtered water is recommended if you live in a hard water area). Use boiling water, but don't allow it to over boil as that would flatten the character of the tea. Allow the tea to brew for around three to four minutes, then pour and strain it immediately.

What you'll taste is the culmination of Twinings' long heritage and our Master Blender's extensive expertise and unrivalled passion for tea.

Designing this range is an absolute pleasure. It's really exciting working with the best teas from around the world and the end result is truly something to be proud of.

We really hope you enjoy drinking our Twinings Signature blends as much as we've enjoyed creating them.

Discover more about Perfect Afternoon and the other Twinings Signature blends in our online shop or at the Twinings Strand Shop & Museum.

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Twinings Signature Blend Teas - Perfect Afternoon - An Introduction To Blend No. 27

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