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Sweet Berry Fusion

A blend of strawberry and blueberry flavours on a hibiscus base, with a hint of caramel

BLEND nº 4

Each of our Signature Blends is personally developed by one of our Master Blenders. Pouring years of knowledge and expertise into each blend and infusion, they draw inspiration from their unique experiences in the world's special tea growing regions. Above all, they put their heart and soul, not to mention commitment and precision, into the recipes they lovingly create. That's why each blend proudly carries the signature of its creator. For Sweet Berry Fusion, it's Jeremy Sturgis.  


Sweet Berry Fusion is based on hibiscus which has an amazing red, almost scarlet colour to it, with a real depth of acidity and sharpness which only this plant can provide. This is combined with soft and sweet strawberry, the slightly sharper blueberry flavour, and a little bit of caramel to give it a lovely richness. This creates a delicious infusion, full of fantastic zingy fruit, but softened by that deep, honeyed caramel.

The Story Behind It

The teas we use in our other Signature Blends come from a few specific areas of the world - defined, well-known tracts of land that are famed for those certain types of tea.

However, tracking down the finest herbs and fruits for these very special infusions takes our experts off to many more different parts of the world - from seeking out spices in East Africa to looking for citrus peels, lemongrass and hibiscus in Paraguay. Jeremy explains how the flavours he's chosen to blend in Sweet Berry Fusion work together.

"We've added strawberry and blueberry flavour to sweeten and soften some of the hibiscus notes from the base blend.  The strawberry has that nice rounded, thick, syrupy quality, and then you get a slight sharpness from the blueberry. That's all overlaid with the caramel - the perfect combination for a refreshing drink."

Making Your Tea

To bring out all of the delicious flavours of Sweet Berry Fusion, use a few teaspoonfuls in a teapot, add boiling water and brew for two to three minutes. You're looking for colour here first - a nice pinkish-red brew - and then you'll get the sweet, strawberry aromas coming through.

To enjoy it as a long, refreshing drink, leave the infusion to stand for about three or four minutes, pour through a strainer into a jug of ice and then decant into glasses and sip through a straw. 

What you'll taste is a delicious showcase of our herb and fruit specialist's expertise and unsurpassed passion for the finest ingredients. It's a drink that works well for all sorts of occasions.

This is a drink which has got versatility. Of course, you can drink it hot, but also poured over ice, it can transport you to a beach under an umbrella in the Mediterranean. It's got all the characteristics of a great thirst quencher - refreshing, light and very easy to drink.

We really hope you enjoy drinking our Twinings Signature blends as much as we've enjoyed creating them.

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Twinings Signature Blend Teas - Sweet Berry Fusion - An Introduction To Blend No. 4

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