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Zanzibar Chai

An aromatic blend of black tea, rooibos and fragrant spices

BLEND nº 38

Each of our Signature Blends is personally developed by one of our Master Blenders. Pouring years of knowledge and expertise into each blend and infusion, they draw inspiration from their unique experiences in the world's special tea growing regions. Above all, they put their heart and soul, not to mention commitment and precision, into the recipes they lovingly create. That's why each blend proudly carries the signature of its creator. For Zanzibar Chai, it's Andrew Whittingham.


Chai is traditionally a combination of black tea, normally a really strong Assam, cut with a combination of fresh spices. We've used all our experience to select and combine ingredients to create a beautifully balanced blend - using tea from East Africa with Zanzibar spices and a South African Rooibos. The result is a characterful Chai which tastes wonderfully rich and creamy, with or without milk.

The Story Behind It

The black tea we use in our Zanzibar Chai is taken from specifically selected gardens in East Africa. The aromatic Zanzibar spices include the finest cinnamon, cardamom and fennel seeds.

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Zanzibar Chai Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box

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An aromatic blend of black tea, rooibos and fragrant spices. Created by Twinings Masterblender Andrew Whittingham.

These elements are then brought together with a beautiful Rooibos from the Sedbergh Hills on the Western Cape in South Africa. Adding the Rooibos adds a unique twist, as Andrew explains
"It's a lovely amber colour and is one of the only herbals that you can add milk to and it will look and drink like a cup of tea. That's why it complements our East African black tea so well, helping to give a creamy undertone to the tea-base, which then allows us to put those spices onto it."

Making Your Tea

To taste all the wonderful flavours of Zanzibar Chai at their very best, put one teaspoon of leaves into the pot per person. Add freshly boiled water and let it brew for a good three to four minutes. This will allow all the rich aromas, flavours and spices to permeate into the brew. 

It tastes wonderful if you drink it black, or it's also fantastic with milk and plenty of sugar.  

What you'll experience is a delicious showcase of our Master Blender's specialist expertise and unsurpassed passion for tea.

One of the challenges when you're trying to blend teas and spices together is to get that perfect balance so they're not competing with one another. Here, the East African black tea, Rooibos and spices complement one another so well - it's a fantastic cup of tea.

We really hope you enjoy drinking our Twinings Signature blends as much as we've enjoyed creating them. 

Discover more about Zanzibar Chai and the other Twinings Signature blends in our online shop or at the Twinings Strand Shop & Museum.

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Twinings Signature Blend Teas - Zanzibar Chai - An Introduction To Blend No.38

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