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White Tea

White tea is the least processed leaf, it is full of rich antioxidants and really will make you feel refreshed and revitalized!

3 things you should know about white tea

White tea is the least Processed Tea Available 

White Tea is has been a delicacy for years and years. It is one of the least processed teas and holds some of the most antioxidants and in countries like China it is saved for special occasions and events. It is picked as a bud, dried out and shipped so you can drink it! 

With white tea being made from whole buds it is very interesting to look at. Each bud can measure up to a whopping 2.5cm in length however, some could be a lot smaller, wiry and thinner. It all depends on the plant and its surroundings. 

Why its called white tea 

White tea was originally named after the tiny white hairs that cover the whole of the bud as it develops at the tip of each tea shoot. Originally it was only grown in China from two varieties of tea plant - the Shui Hsien or the Water Sprite both formally known as the Da Bai or the Big White.

Different countries mean different tastes

Most white tea is produced in the Fujian Province, China.
However, as you can imagine white tea is now produced all over the globe using different types of soil and surroundings which produces different flavours and qualities.

Also although white tea is traditionally only made from the new leaf bud, some are creating white tea from the new bud and one or two young open leaves or just the open leaves themselves. So it isn’t surprising at all that the various interpretations of white tea can also look very different.

The Process

Once the new buds and baby leaves have been collected most likely by hand they are dried in the sun or in a warm drying room.

As far as the white tea process goes, it is one of the least processed teas. As mentioned before, white tea is very much sought after for its purity and antioxidants. 

To Brew

White tea is extremely delicate and needs careful attention when it’s time to make a cup. Boil your kettle to a rolling boil. Then let the hot water sit for a minute or two.

Once rested, pour your water on your leaves and leave to steep for 2-3 minutes to infuse fully.

Once the time has passed, remove your leaves and take a look at how they have changed from brewing. Feel them and give them a good sniff. Quality tea demands a lot of attention!

Once Brewed

When White Tea is infused it gives a very pale champagne- coloured liquor that has a very light, soft, sweet, velvety flavour. 

The traditional way to harvest the Indonesian Silver Tip is to pick the bubs straight from the plant and let the leaves wither in sunlight and this is where the process stops.

The leaves are left in the sun to stop oxidation within the buds. Once this process has been completed they are packed up and shipped to the likes of us so we can enjoy this rare and pure tea.

One of our beautiful White Teas… The Indonesian Silver Tip

Indonesian Silver Tips can only be harvested a few days each year before the spring rain falls, how to know if it is ready is when the white down appears on the unopened bud.

The soil is full of rich nutrients that bring life to these mountain plants, the biological diversity that surrounds the Indonesian Silver Tips delivers an outstanding pure and natural product.

As mentioned earlier, Indonesian Silver Tips undertake the least processing and because of this they retain higher levels of antioxidants than their siblings and carry these fantastic peach and rose flavours.

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