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How to get started with Loose Tea

We'd love you to love loose leaf tea as much as we do (which is really quite a lot!). Here are some helpful hints to get you started ...

Tasting Tea

  • LOOK at the beautiful unbroken leaves
  • SMELL the essential oils and fuller flavours
  • MEASURE one TSP for a mug and half a TSP for a china cup
  • BREW green teas for 2 minutes, black teas for 2-3 minutes and all others for 5 minutes
  • ENJOY a handcrafted, very special and delicious cup

Whole leaves contain more essential oils, giving your tea leaves extra space and unlocking fuller and more luxurious flavours!

Your Tools of the Trade

If you are just making a cup for yourself then a strainer is the best tool to use and gives you full control over brewing time.



Rated 5 based on 0 reviews

Loose Tea Scoop

£6.00 each

Make a great cup of loose leaf tea the easy way with this high quality Twinings branded measuring spoon.

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Tea Timer

£22.00 each

Our Twinings Tea Timer will help you brew your teas and infusions for the right amount of time!

If it is a pot you are after then we would recommend using one with a built-in strainer.
Tea comes in many beautiful shades and colours - why not try a glass pot in order to show them off?

Teapots with built-in strainers

Shop All Teapots

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Alison Appleton Fritz Teapot - Red

£22.00 each

Fritz porcelain teapot with fine stainless steel infuser is perfect for brewing the finest tea exactly how you like it.

Loose Leaf Tea Gift Sets

Shop All Hampers & Gift Sets

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Alison Appleton Loose Tea Starter Kit

This product is no longer available

Selection of three loose tea caddies and Alison Appleton Fritz teapot with built-in strainer in a pretty Twinings gift box.

10% off

Loose Tea Favourites Gift Box

Now: £21.60 each

Was: £24.00

Take time to relax and savour a great cup of tea with our Loose Tea favourites gift set. 

Premium Loose Single Origin Tea Caddies

View All Single Origin Tea Caddies

50% off

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Huo Shan Huang Ya - Caddy

Now: £7.50 each

Was: £15.00

Superb yellow tea with floral aroma of fresh orchids. Country of origin: China - Misty mountains of Anhui Province

Grey Dragon Oolong - Caddy

This product is no longer available

Elegant needles of refreshing, aromatic oolong tea. Country of origin: Indonesia - West Java Highlands

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