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Christmas Advent Calendar


In the run up to Christmas open a door a day to reveal one of our wonderful tasting loose leaf pyramids, and on Christmas Day open the final door for a little Twinings surprise.

Twinings Advent Calendar Contains

  • 24 loose leaf pyramids
  • 1 Twinings tea tidy

Sold Out


A Selection of 24 Loose Leaf Tea Pyramids and a Surprise Gift.

Twinings Advent Calendar


what's included?

superfruity x 2
A deliciously juicy and fruity blend.
Ingredients: Hibiscus (48%), Beetroot (19%), Rosehips (18%), Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Blueberry Flavourings (12%), Orange Peel, Blueberry (1%).
Pure Camomile x 2
Golden & sweet, subtly flowery with a light and gentle taste.
Ingredients: 100% Camomile.
Morrocon Mint with Rose x 2
We've blended green tea with spearmint leaves and the subtle taste of rose.
Ingredients: Green Tea, Spearmint (20%), Rose Petals (2%), Rose Flavouring.
passionfruit ceylon x 2
This high grown tea has a beautifully light flavour and blends perfectly with the sweet flavour of caramelised passion fruit.  
Ingredients: Black Tea, Cardamom (8%), Passion Fruit & Caramel Flavourings (6%), Pink Cornflowers (1%), Blue Cornflowers (1%).
The Mighty Assam x 1
Smooth, rice & full bodied with an unmistakeable malty punch.  This tippy golden broken orange pekoe is Assam as it should be.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Safflowers (1%).
Jasmine Petals & Pearls x 1
Light green tea is layered with jasmine flowers to create the perfect balance of flavour.  The camomile flowers & rose petals add soft floral notes to the blend.
Ingredients: Jasmine Scented Green Tea, Camomile (5%), Rose Petals (2%).
The Full english x 2
Golden tipped golden broken orange pekoe is the secret to this blend.  A well rounded breakfast tea with a full flavour.
Ingredients: 100% Black Tea.
The Earl x 2
This sublime Earl Grey blends Chinese black loose leaf tea with the wonderfully citrust flavour of bergamot.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Bergamot Flavouring (2.5%), Lemon Peel (2%).
Thoroughly minted x 2
Glorious peppermint, rounded with vibrant bursts of sweet spearmint.
Ingredients: Peppermint (70%), Spearmint (30%).
simply sencha x 2
This is a wonderfully mellow and slightly sweet green tea that makes for such easy drinking that we've added nothing to it.  It is simply Sencha.
Ingredients: 100% Sencha Green Tea.
Citrus ginger twist x 2
Gloriously sunny citrus flavours and spicy ginger melt together to create this deliciously warming, fruity blend.
Ingredients: Ginger Root (44%), White Hibiscus, Lemon Peel (9%), Lemon & Grapefruit Flavourings (11%).
Apple & Elderflower green tea x 2
Oriental green tea infused with orchard flavours for a light, refreshing taste.
Ingredients: Green Tea, Apple Pieces (5%), Apple & Elderflower Flavourings (3%).
Redbush Caramel Velvet x 1
The flavour of rich, creamy, sweet caramel goes perfectly with redbush.  It's ideal any time of the day as it's naturally caffeine free.
Ingredients: Redbush, Flavouring (2.5)%, Safflowers (1%).
Traditional Indian spices and almond are a perfect partner to this full bodied Assam tea, creating our delicious creamy Chai.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Almond, Spice and Honey Flavourings (22%), Flavourings (6%).
stainless steel tea bag tidy x 1
Stylish Twinings branded stainless steel tea bag tidy - a fabulous accessory for any kitchen to keep your counter top clean with a place to put used teabags.  
Hand Wash Only.
Product of China.
how to serve
See individual envelopes for brewing instructions.


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