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Discovery Collection Orangery of Lady Grey - Pyramid Tea Bags

£6.50 sku PLOLG1014 | Net weight: 37.5g

Our Discovery Collection Orangery of Lady Grey is wonderful China tea scented with orange, lemon and bergamot with added cornflower petals.

The beautifully designed box contains a lovely little golden bag filled with loose leaf pyramid tea bags.

Lady Grey is our light, fragrant counterpart to Earl Grey. It's inspired by the orangeries of grand old English houses - when the sun shone through their glass panels, the oranges would give off their sweet citrus scent. Our Master Blenders have added an orangey twist to the bergamot flavour and black China tea base, so you can find a moment of sweet peace; an uplifting oasis in the heart of the day.

"Perfect little gift - great for all occasions throughout the year"

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Black Tea, Orange Peel (3%), Lemon Peel (2%), blue cornflowers (1%), Flavouring.

How to Serve

We believe that how you make your tea is equally as important as the tea you use, so here's how we like to make our tea.
  • Use one rounded teaspoon per person
  • Use water at a “rolling boil” around 100ºC
  • Pour on and brew for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Drunk black, with a splash of milk or with a slice of lemon or orange
And, for freshness every time, keep your tea somewhere cool, dark, dry and airtight!

Customer Reviews

92% of customers liked this product


ottimo, un tripudio di odori



I LOVE this blend!!!
The base is their Lady Grey, but way more flavors & aroma in it.
Try it once you will fall in love with it.
Great tea!!!



While the tea is great, the box was crushed. I cannot give this tea as a gift.

24 Hour(s) ago

Twinings response: Thanks for taking the time to leave us some feedback.

We're sorry to hear that your item has arrived in such a poor state and please rest assured that this is not something that happens very often.

Please email us directly on twinings.direct@twinings.com with a few images of the product showing the damage and its packaging, if necessary. Once we receive your reply, we’ll get back to you with a suitable course of action.

We hope this helps and we apologise once again.

Kind Regards,


Twinings Online Customer Service


Love this tea.

7 Hour(s) ago

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