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Interview with Zoe McNulty

Summer is the perfect time to get active, whether you’re a gym-worshipper or just starting out, there’s nothing better than that feeling of being healthy. Expert Zoe McNulty, an international dance and fitness presenter is here to inspire us to get active and have a balanced life.

We all know it’s important to care about our health and wellbeing but we also think it’s crucial that all you tea-lovers also feel confident and get the most possible enjoyment out of life without depriving yourselves of those simple pleasures.

We’ve been talking to one of the UK’s most successful and renowned dance fitness instructors, Zoe McNulty, about the enjoyment and benefits of her passion, and well as those daily treats she just can’t live without.

I can begin to substitute some of my Caramel Lattés with some caffeine free Caramel Redbush Chai Lattés.

You’ve worked in all manner of roles, from appearing on comic relief, to running exercise classes and even working as a body double for Beyoncé. What’s been the most fulfilling job you’ve been tasked with to date?

The Comic Relief Danceathon was awesome and I would say that it has probably been the peak of my career thus far. I was chosen as one of the top ten dance instructors in the UK by the BBC and asked to perform a 90s Rave session at Wembley Arena for 2500 people, the dance session was also streamed live on the red button. After that I helped keep Dermot O’Leary motivated during his 24 hour Day of Dance which was a lot of fun and incredibly abstract, it was bizarre to meet so many celebrities in such a short space of time.

Helping creative agency ‘Framestore’ secure the contract to create the Pepsi advert which would feature Beyoncé (the one where the mirrors shatter) was also very cool.  I was filmed in a CGI studio wearing black from head to toe with reflective balls stuck all over me, to create the “pre-visualisation video” (a rough edit) of the advert that was then pitched to Beyoncé and the Pepsi officials. I wouldn’t say it was rewarding but it is very cool to know that Beyoncé herself has seen me dance her routines, although she would never know it was me as I was turned into a Beyoncé CGI.  Framestore won the contract and I feel partly responsible for that.

Just jump in and give it a go - if something is causing you to be hesitant, conquer it and get an extra kick, not only from enjoying the class, but from getting over whatever was holding you back.


Do you drink much tea throughout the day? If so, which blends are better before, and which are better after dancing? Is it the caffeine kick you go for, or more the refreshing and hydrating qualities?

No is the answer to that.  I’m Zoe and I’m a coffee-ohilc!  In fact I’ve been concerned about the level of my coffee intake so it’s been great to get to learn more about the teas at Twinings as I can begin to substitute some of my Caramel Lattés with some caffeine free Caramel Redbush Chai Lattés.


Do you think this could replace the coffee craving?

Yes this could definitely replace my coffee craving, I think I would still need one in the morning but this would work for me all day and the iced Chai latte would definitely be my after dance class drink.


Do you think tea naturally fits in with a healthy lifestyle?

Yes absolutely, as its low calorie and keeps you so refreshed.

I loved the Velvety Vanilla Silky Pyramid Tea, made with ice and semi skimmed milk.

Summery Salads

If you are looking to get active this summer and want to make healthy food choices, why not try a delicious, good-for-you salad.

We’ve been inspired by the healthy lifestyle that Zoe leads to create a recipe for a delicious Summer salad with lemon zest chicken and blueberries.

Zoe is a self-confessed picky eater but is always looking to find new easy lunches or dinners that are full of flavour.

This salad combines some mouth-watering flavours, with simple ingredients to delight even the fussiest of people. Simple to make, it's perfect as a quick dinner or make extra and enjoy with  friends in the garden.

We’ve combined delicious tea with fresh ingredients to create this sweet and tangy salad thats extra vibrant and totally unique- just like Zoe! 

Whether it’s a brisk walk, a few lengths in a local pool or an all-out workout, a bit of exercise really is important to helping you feel great about yourself. Why not let us know how you like to get active, and the teas which you choose to indulge in before, during and afterwards by tweeting us @TwiningsTeaUk ?

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