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Regal Peacock

Sometimes you just want to press “pause”, take time for yourself and pour a cup of tea from your favourite teapot. Taking time is special and using special teaware just adds to the sense of occasion.

Timeless style

We say blue and white teaware is perfect and right on trend too. Almost as old as tea drinking itself, more and more people are re-discovering traditional blue and white pottery to add refinement to their tea drinking experience. Its timeless style works in both the traditional or contemporary home and when you choose handmade pieces with heritage, you are not only adding to your collection, but buying heirlooms too.

Blue and white works great in clean contemporary spaces, but is equally at home with rich woods and fabrics too. This is why many trendsetters and top London restaurants are reclaiming it as their own.


The great thing about blue and white is that it goes with any colour scheme or tea! Whether you select a traditional black tea with milk or lemon for a lazy Sunday morning or a lighter green tea on a sunny afternoon, blue and white will work perfectly. If you really want to break the mould, you might like to try our Superfruity Loose Tea Loose Tea Infusion? This stunning blend of red fruits creates a delicious drink that looks as good as it tastes, plus the rich red tones of this infusion blend brilliantly with blue and white.

Burleigh’s “Regal Peacock” is the perfect choice to add a little luxury to those moments when you press pause. An elegant depiction of flowers, leaves and birds hidden in branches, “Regal Peacock” captured the heart of a Queen and we think will capture your heart too.

a royal treat

“Regal Peacock” is based on the ancient tale of “The Conference of the Birds” an old poem that told how all the birds came together to elect a King. The Peacock felt that he was the most beautiful, the Crane the most graceful and the blue and white fly catcher claimed he had the most beautiful song. Each bird is featured in the design.

Created in 1913, “Regal Peacock” was designed by Edmund Leigh and was first shown to none other than King George V and Queen Mary at a special exhibition in Stoke on Trent’s Kings Hall.

Burleigh Regal Peacock

classically British





The design must have impressed the Queen, as later in the year, when the exhibition was transferred to Harrod’s in London, she made a special visit to purchase examples of the design that had so captivated her.

Intriguingly, the same year Her Majesty awarded the first Royal Warrant to Harrods. Was it for her Burleigh Ware? 

Add a touch of class to your home with Regal Peacock.

handmade to perfection

Twinings are delighted to offer you Burleigh’s “Regal Peacock.” Like Twinings, Burleigh is an English heritage brand with a long and trusted lineage.

When Burleigh say ‘handmade’ they mean it. You can be assured that you are buying something individually made by hand using time honoured craft skills that are found nowhere else.

Founded in 1851, Burleigh have been making blue and white wares ever since. One pattern, “Asiatic Pheasant” has been in continuous production since 1862.

You can be assured that you are buying something individually made by hand using time honoured craft skills that are found nowhere else.

Time is important to us all and when you make time for yourself, make sure you share it with something special.

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Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock Large Teapot

£70.00 each

The generous “Cranbourne” shape teapot is hand printed in Blue Regal Peacock by Burleigh. It has a grid in the spout to regulate the flow of your favourite tea.

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Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock Tankard Jug

This product is no longer available

The refined “Tankard” shape Jug is hand printed in Blue Regal Peacock by Burleigh. 

summer tea time

Why not really mix things up and serve our Superfruity Loose Tea Infusion over ice in teacups for a cooling summer tea time?

If you are looking for afternoon tea inspiration, why not choose some pretty cakes in candy colours or cool fruit tarts and match them with chilled fruit infusions poured from a beautiful teapot?

Our tip? Before your start, make some ice cubes from the tea. Not only will they look pretty in the cup, but chill the drink without losing any of the flavour you love. We think it’s a perfect way to spend longer summer afternoons that might just last until the evening!

Speaking of evenings, why not mix some tea cocktails as aperitifs for a summer bar-BBQ or outdoor dinner party? Rather than using glass, serve them, poured from a favourite teapot into you best blue and white tea set. If you really want to impress your guests, create ice cubes with fruits or edible flowers in them.

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