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Feel Fresh Every Day With Steamed Green Teas

Introducing our new range of steamed green teas; delivering a pure and delicate taste that’s just perfect for every day. Sourced from China’s mystical land, steeped in legend, and beloved by emperors, it’s this ancient place that holds the secret to our Steamed Green Teas.

A revitalising tea experience

Here at Twinings, we’re passionate about bringing the best tea experiences from around the world to our customers, and our new Steamed Green Teas are a charming addition to this collection. These blends will make it easier than ever before to incorporate green tea into each and every day.


Steamed green teas are processed differently to other varieties, meaning that their taste is totally different. They’re delicate and subtle, having been steamed rather than pan fried to deliver the crisp taste of tender green tea leaves at their best.

Why Choose Steamed Green Tea?

Put simply, steamed green teas deliver everything we love about green tea, without the bitterness that you can find with some other Green Tea blends. We’ve introduced these teas in a simple envelope format so that everyone can enjoy our authentic and delicate green teas with the assurance that they’ll always taste perfect. A sensory experience like no other, our steamed green range will revolutionize how you see green teas.

A popular method in Japan, steaming green tea kills off the enzymes in freshly-picked leaves, and halts the oxidation process in a quick and effective way. This method captures the very best of the leaves’ flavour, with the simple use of steam. This gives the tea a distinctive, bright taste. If you’re looking to refresh your own green tea knowledge, click here.

As we mentioned, the advantage of the time honoured technique of steaming green tea leaves is that the process doesn’t leave the tea tasting bitter, as more common pan-fried green teas can do. The taste differences between steamed - or ‘Sencha’ – green tea and the alternative pan-fried variety has had tea experts everywhere re-thinking their preferences. This has got us thinking; isn’t it about time we all add steamed greens to our daily routine?

Twinings Steamed Green Teas

Our ground-breaking new range encompasses everything there is to love about steamed green tea. Light, clean and crisp in flavour, each is delicious enough alone to be served without any added milk or sugar.


Simply Pure Steamed Green Tea
Our Simply Pure Steamed Green Tea is a simple, delicate blend, which we’re sure will change the way you see green tea. The time-honoured technique of steaming creates a flavour which is subtle, yet very distinctive.



Velvet Jasmine Steamed Green Tea
Delicately scented with fresh jasmine flowers, our Velvet Jasmine Steamed Green Tea is light, floral and unbelievably refreshing. You may have tried jasmine green tea before, but we’re sure you’ll have never tasted it so pure.



Smooth Lemon Steamed Green Tea
Lemon gives steamed green tea a soft, sunny note which lingers long after you enjoy a sip. We love how the warming, citrusy scent of Smooth Lemon Steamed Green Tea gives a kick of invigoration on those dreary winter days.



Soft Mint Steamed Green Tea
Green tea with peppermint leaves and spearmint flavouring, our Soft Mint Steamed Green Tea has a smooth, subtle character.  Delicately blended with sweet, cooling mint notes for a light refreshing taste.



Treating yourself to our Steamed Green Teas is the perfect way to enjoy a feel-good moment every morning. They’re pure and delicate without any bitterness. What’s more, each and every sip will leave you feeling ready to get the most out of your day!

Twinings Green Tea Range

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Steamed Green Teas Selection - 20 Envelopes

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Brand new selection box with four of your favourite green teas - the perfect flavour to suit every moment, mood & time of the day.

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Cranberry Green Tea - 20 Tea Bags

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We've combined the zingy sharpness of the cranberry with this quality golden green tea, to give a refreshingly juicy taste.

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