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Feeling Good - The natural way to colour your day

Enjoy the little things, brighten up your every day and awaken your senses with our ultimate feel good factors. Add a little colour to your day with our fabulous recipes, every day hacks, feel good gifts and colourful teaware.

Twinings Green Teas & Infusions - The natural way to colour your day.


100 Ways To Colour Your Day

Appreciation magnifies everything you do and has a positive knock on effect on everyone around you, too! Here’s 100 little ways to colour your day and appreciate every moment.

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Feel Good Tea Gifts

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Pepper My Mint Gift Bag

£10.00 each

A mint lover's dream! The cooling, gentle breeze of Twinings Pure Peppermint and the refreshing combination of gently steamed and pan-fired green teas and mint leaves in Twinings Mint Green Tea are perfectly matched with a stylish Tokyo Design Studio mug and wonderfully tasty Eat Natural Milk Chocolate with Peanuts & Cranberries bar in our Pepper My Mint Gift Bag.


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Alison Appleton Fritz Teapot - Yellow

£22.00 each

Fritz porcelain teapot with fine stainless steel infuser is perfect for brewing the finest tea exactly how you like it.

How to Make the Perfect Infusion

  • Pop a teabag into your favourite mug - a glass one if you have one to see the colour infuse.
  • Then top up with boiling water.
  • Then the important bit, wait for 3-4 minutes for the flavours to infuse.
  • Infusions are just as tasty left to go cold (handy if you’re on a forgetful day).
  • Herbal + fruit infusions are happy as they are - no milk or sugar is need.

Fabulous New Packaging

We are super excited to announce the launch of our fabulous brand new packaging for our entire range of fruit, herbal and green teas.

You'll see this arriving on supermarket shelves over the coming weeks - say "hello yellow" to your favourite flavours in the tea aisle - and online from January 2017.

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