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Feeling Good

Sunny on the inside, sunny on the outside - we’re all for enjoying a hassle-free, healthy lifestyle. Well-being is easy and enjoyable with our 100% natural and sugar free range of delicious infusions and green teas.

What’s more, each cup contains just 4 calories. Go natural - go Twinings!

Enjoy the little things, brighten up your every day and awaken your senses with our ultimate feel good factors. Add a little colour to your day with our fabulous recipes, every day hacks, feel good gifts and colourful teaware.

Twinings Green Teas & Infusions

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Green Tea, Mango & Lychee - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.99 each

The distinctive flavour of Lychee - a sweet fruit wrapped in a tough, spiky shell and blended with the sweet, ripe flavour of mango and green tea; a sunny, tropically-sweet combination.

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Doublemint - 20 Single Tea Bags

This product is no longer available

If you thought peppermint was invigorating - this blend takes it to another level. Swirling together tender mint leaves with the intense flavour of peppermint extract for a stronger, minty taste.

15% off

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Cranberry & Raspberry - 20 Single Tea Bags

Now: £1.44 each

Was: £1.69

The deep-red colour and zing of cranberries help to make this infusion crisp and refreshing, while the raspberry notes bring a touch of sweetness to this mouth-watering blend.

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Green Tea & Lemon - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.99 each

Gentle sencha steaming and pan firing create this earthy blend to which we add a touch of deliciously sweet lemon flavour to create this sunny and bright green tea blend.

100 Ways To Colour Your Day

Appreciation magnifies everything you do and has a positive knock on effect on everyone around you, too! Here’s 100 little ways to colour your day and appreciate every moment.

What would you add?

How to Make the Perfect Infusion

  • Pop a teabag into your favourite mug - a glass one if you have one to see the colour infuse.
  • Then top up with boiling water.
  • Then the important bit, wait for 3-4 minutes for the flavours to infuse. They aren’t as strong as every day black tea and really need to the time to infuse with the water!
  • Infusions are just as tasty left to go cold (handy if you’re on a forgetful day).
  • Herbal + fruit infusions are happy as they are - no milk or sugar is needed – but for those of you with a sweet tooth a little spoon of honey is always delicious!

Fabulous New Packaging

We are super excited to announce the launch of our fabulous brand new packaging for our entire range of fruit, herbal and green teas.

You'll see this arriving on supermarket shelves over the coming weeks - say "hello yellow" to your favourite flavours in the tea aisle - and online from January 2017.

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Brighten up your day

At Twinings, we know that noticing the little things makes a big difference to your day. So, we’ve created three films showing how paying attention to the little things, and choosing to act on them, can brighten up your day.

Our films show an uplifting balloon, made from the fruits of our Lemon & Ginger infusion, our Strawberry & Raspberry infusion and our Cherry Bakewell green tea, dropping into everyday moments. Once our balloon has infused the water to make a delicious Twinings blend, the heroes of our films take a sip and notice the little things that matter most to them. And, importantly, we get to see what they choose to do next.

So go on, make your favourite infusion, take a sip and watch to see how to brighten up your day.

What Would You Do With Now

Our first video shows a mother and daughter enjoying a day at the beach. Looking back on photos, the mother spots a picture of her and her daughter – many years before – playing in the sea.

The takes a sip of her bright and zesty Lemon & Ginger and makes a decision…

We made this film on the beautiful and sunny Mudeford beach. It was a bright and sunny day, but it was absolutely freezing! Our two amazing actresses were up for the challenge though and ran into the sea with cheers of delight. Of course, we warmed them up with lots of cups of tea.

To create this sunny and invigorating infusion, we have blended two of the world's best loved ingredients; spicy, warming ginger with the bright, zesty taste of lemons.

Are You Everywhere Or Here

Our second film shows three parents meeting in a café after, what we imagine to be, a slightly hectic moment dropping off their children. They each still have their child’s scooter with them. Our Strawberry and Raspberry balloon floats in, they take a sip of the ruby hues of this infusion and catch each other’s eyes.

We filmed this in a gorgeous café overlooking a cricket ground. You might notice the café is decorated with cricket score cards. We simply couldn’t resist arranging them to 1706 – the year Twinings was founded.

This is a feel-good summer blend whatever the weather. A harmony of sweet strawberry notes and tangy raspberry aromas.

What Matters More

In our third and final film we see two parents going about their household chores, with their son watching on. The father is unloading the tumble dryer when our Cherry Bakewell balloon floats in for a visit. He takes a sip, looks and up sees what’s important.

When we filmed this, our youngest actor – playing the son - kept us entertained all morning with funny stories and silly jokes. And we all had a great time building the fort out of sheets!

This green tea blend is inspired by the English favourite Cherry Bakewell. There's something sweet and comforting about this green tea. The almondy cherry taste is a delicately softened with smooth vanilla flavour to create a delicious, indulgent green tea blend.

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