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Showcasing the range and brand you are serving is essential to ensure customers can see the range on offer.

Point of Sale

Our range of point of sale options add a luxury feel to the tea you are serving.

Showcasing the range and brand you are serving is essential to ensure customers can see the range on offer.

Twinings range of compartment boxes and stands will help you make your teas stand out at point of purchase.

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Loose Leaf Tea

Recognised as a superior-tasting alternative to traditional bagged tea, loose leaf is the connoisseur’s choice and is made easy with the use of pyramid bags.

    Loose leaf Pyramid 8 compartment box 

Able to house 8 varieties of loose leaf tea, this offers a superior quality and variety of tea to customers.

Loose Leaf Pyramid 12 Compartment Box

Able to hold up to 60 pyramid bag envelopes, this box is ideal for offering loose leaf tea varieties at conferences or self-serve areas. 

Leather Compartment Box

This beautiful leather display box contains 12 jars of loose leaf tea and a tea timer for the perfect infusion. This box is ideal for table service, in order to allow consumers a wide variety of teas and personal choice in brewing time.

Dark Wood Compartment Boxes

Dark wood compartment boxes are timelessly stylish, and give the tea you sell an exclusive and classic appeal. With a number of types available, you can match the box you choose to the number of teas you are selling, showing each off to their full potential.



String & Tag 2 Compartment Box 

Great for small meeting rooms or hotel bedrooms, this box holds up to 20 string & tag envelopes and is ideal for holding two classic teas like English Breakfast and Earl Grey.

String & Tag 4 Compartment Box 

This box is able to hold up to 40 string & tag envelopes. The 4 compartment box is ideal for introducing fruit and herbal blends alongside timeless classics in hotel rooms or meeting rooms. 

String & tag envelope 12 compartment Box 

Offering the choice of 12 different teas, this box is ideal for conferencing and self-serve areas. The simple but stylish box holds up to 120 string and tag envelopes.

Black Compartment Boxes

Black compartment boxes are a sleek and tidy way to present a variety of teas. For a professional and neat presentation, these are the perfect choice.


3 Drawer Compartment Box – For String & Tag envelopes

Large black 3 drawer compartment box with 20 compartments for string & tag teabags. In addition, the lower drawer can be used for spoons, milk pots or stirrers. This box is ideal for large volume self-service areas, such as conference or hotel breakfast buffets.


String & tag envelopes 8 Compartment box  

This box provides a smart and attractive way to present 8 different teas at once, and looks great in corporate settings such as conference rooms.


String & Tag – Stadium StanD


Ideal for self serve areas – holds up to 6 string and tag envelopes.


Tier Stands


Loose Leaf mesh bag 3 Tier stand

Holds up to 6 cartons, with tea menu on reverse. Great for quick serve areas and self service in high volume sites.




4 Tier Wooden Stand – String & Tag Cartons

This large but stylish stand holds up to 8 cartons, and has a tea menu on the reverse. Ideal for quick serve areas where a larger volume of tea is required.

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