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How to Create Seasonal Specials

Providing seasonal specials will allow your customers to celebrate the time of year, as well as being able to experience something above and beyond their ordinary choices.

Seasonal Specials

With consumers prepared to pay more for value adding food and drink, seasonal specials will always get your tills ringing. Tea has an increasingly cool image and is versatile enough to be paired with syrups, fruits and spices to create some stunning seasonal drinks. This, teamed with Twinings brand reassurance, means operators can afford to price that little bit higher for what is regarded as a more premium offering.

Citrus Ginger Twist

For something a little spicier, try Citrus Ginger Twist from our loose leaf mesh range. This gloriously zesty and thoroughly warming drink will help your regulars to chase away those winter blues.


Minty Mojito Mocktail

This crisp iced drink is a refreshing twist on the Cuban classic. Combining our Thoroughly Minted Infusion with Vanilla Syrup, apple juice and fresh mint leaves, it’ll offer your customers an invigorating taste of the good life.


Superfruity & Cucumber Iced Infusion

This adventurous berry infusion will deliver a burst of fruity freshness to brighten up your customers’ days. Our Superfruity Infusion blends sumptuously with Monin Cucumber Syrup for the perfect British garden flavour.

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