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What's on Trend?

People’s passion for tea has been reignited with renewed interest in flavours, blends and serving solutions.

Loose Leaf Tea has an increasingly cool image

Loose leaf tea is now being enjoyed in cafes and restaurants, not just in prestigious hotels, as consumers are keen to replicate the ritual and theatre of the loose tea ceremony which is enjoyed the world over. The biggest consumers of loose tea are females aged between 25-34, therefore serving it in this form is a draw in to your outlet for younger audiences who are seeking an authentic loose tea experience.

Operators are now able to serve loose leaf teas quickly and stylishly, thanks to new infuser teapots which enhance the loose tea experience by letting consumers see the infusion of the tea. As younger generations become more outward looking & experimental in their choices, tea is now on-trend and no longer considered an old-fashioned drink. Loose tea also offers huge profit potential, as 53% of consumers are willing to spend more on premium tea, and want to see more loose leaf and mesh bag tea being offered.*

*Source: Allegra Tea Out of Home Report 2014


Quality and Authenticity Matters
53% of out of home consumers are now willing to pay more for a tea experience that offers them something truly memorable, and are now actively looking for blends that offer the perfect balance of quality, taste and value for money.* 

Demand for quality ingredients and best ever tastes are driving growth in the premium tea category, as consumers become ever more discerning in the tea they are drinking. Twinings offer a range of Loose Leaf and Mesh Pyramid Bag teas and Infusions that will enhance any tea menu and delight consumers, all with the brand reassurance of Twinings, representing quality, prestige and blending expertise.

Health and Wellbeing are daily issues
Health and wellbeing has become a part of daily life and is changing patterns of drink consumption. Younger consumers are entering the tea market via Green Tea and Infusions because of the associated health benefits. 15% of consumers are intending to increase their tea consumption as a result of increasing focus on health and wellbeing*, making a range of Infusions and Green Teas essential on beverage menus.

*Allegra Tea Out of Home Report 2014

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