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Loose Leaf Pyramid Tea Box - 8 Compartment Filled
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£69.20 sku CBLLP81115-F

Twinings large black compartment box. Made from fine dark wood and finished with solid gold hinges and openings.

  • Filled with 96 mixed individually wrapped Loose Leaf Pyramid envelopes.
  • Our new award winning Loose Leaf Pyramid collection is all about amazing taste and is bursting with flavours.
  • The pyramids themselves look really pretty and you can see the premium tea leaves and fabulous ingredients through the silky pyramid shaped tea bags

Selection of 96 mixed individually wrapped loose leaf pyramid envelopes with 8 envelopes from 12 different teas:


Supplied filled with 96 enveloped pyramids worth £43.20.

When you run out of one of your favourite flavours, then you can simply reorder new envelopes from our Pick & Mix range.

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Loose Leaf Pyramid Refills

We've just launched brand new loose leaf pyramid refill boxes online so that you can stock up on your favourites. Pretty loose leaves and amazing flavours combined in a pretty pyramid tea bag.

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