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Enjoy our delicious range of Marmalades and Preserves every morning. These Preserves are perfect for buttery toast and also great for scones and yummy pastries. Enjoy.

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Cartwright & Butler Natural Honeycomb

£6.75 each

Something a little special for the honey lovers amongst you, a tray of the finest Acacia honey still in its honeycomb.

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Cartwright & Butler Fine Cut Breakfast Marmalade

£4.75 each

Tangy Orange Marmalade made with bitter, Seville oranges combined skilfully with the sweetness of sugar in the preserve.

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Cartwright & Butler Red Onion Chutney

£4.75 each

Milder and sweeter than their white cousins, the red onions are slowly cooked down with black treacle, balsamic vinegar and a blend of spices into a rich marmalade-style chutney.