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Earl Grey Citrus Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box
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£25.00 sku SBEGCLLGB1217-100 | Net weight: 100g

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Earl Grey Citrus is a blend of Keemun leaves, low-grown Ceylon, and the subtle flavours of bergamont and grapefruit.

Created by Twinings Masterblender Philippa Thacker: "Having pioneered the blend, only Twinings Earl Greys carry the seal of approval from the Earl and family. A delicious interpretation of the classic style, I start by creating an exquisite base to allow the signature flavours to spring to life. High quality Keemun leaves from Anhui Province in Eastern China bring smooth, slightly smoky notes, with low-grown Ceylon giving the tea its golden hue. To enhance the base, the flavour of bergamot is added."

Floral and zesty, this Earl Grey is best enjoyed either straight, with a slice of lemon or just a splash of milk. A delicious afternoon pick-me-up, this delicate blend is an indispensable part of the quintessential afternoon tea.

Signature Blends is an exciting new gift range of luxury teas and infusions from Twinings. It celebrates what we do best: select and blend brilliant teas and infusions from the most premium tea gardens around the world.

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Twinings Signature Blends


Our Signature Range is the definition of luxury. Each blend has been created by one of by our very own Master Blenders. They travelled the globe in search of the finest ingredients for their inspiring creations.

The stories and memories of these connoisseurs unsurprisingly find their way into the flavours of these very special Signature blends. The gift boxes are so stunning, there is definitely no need for extra gift wrapping.

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