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Signature Blends - Sublime Camomile

£25.00 sku SSCL0614-L

An infusion made only from whole dried camomile flowers

A single sip takes me straight to this infusion's origin. It is made purely and simply from camomile flowers bought directly from a family-run farm in Croatia. Each cup conjures up memories of the farm's rolling hills, refreshing the senses and calming the mind. A perfect embodiment of simple, pure and naturally caffeine-free flavour.

A special place with a special story. Drawing on generations of experience, the farmers take flowers freshly picked from the field and dry them immediately in outdoor kilns at the field's edge. Ensuring the fresh flavours are preserved, producing a wonderfully calming infusion.

We use our expert knowledge of the world's best farmers and growers to specially select only the best whole dried camomile flowers, to make up this superb camomile infusion.

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Making the Tea

Twinings Signature Blend No.25

Sublime Camomile - An infusion made only from whole dried Camomile flowers.

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