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English Breakfast Loose Tea Caddy

£6.00 sku SEBLC0614-100 | Net weight: 100g

3 for 2 Loose Leaf Tea use promo code: LOOSE

What's your favourite breakfast? Eggs, cereal or a slice of buttery toast? Whatever it is, there's no better accompaniment than a good cup of our English Breakfast tea.
The clue's in the name but this tea isn't just for the morning.

Bright, full-bodied and full of flavour, English Breakfast is perfect for brightening up your day.

The iconic tea caddy contains 100g of finest loose English Breakfast tea.

"Excellent tea. Love it!"

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Customer Reviews

98% of customers liked this product


As expected. Not the highest quality but very good as a loose general English breakfast tea



A typical and classic breakfast tea flavour, the tea leaf is a little bit smaller than those of Traditional English and English Morning which I believe one can easily imagine before purchasing as it is an "everyday tea", but the metal tea caddy did present it to customers in a very decent and elegant way.



I absolutely love and enjoy drinking my breakfast tea in the morning, it's heavenly to me, can you tell that I love my tea, especially when they are excellent in every way!



Delicious tea, already have had many cups. How fun to receive and display my 500g tin of loose English Breakfast tea. I just think it is the coolest thing.


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The Tale of The Tea Caddy

To augment your developing expertise in tea, and delight your family and guests, our Twinings Tea Caddies are a really fabulous addition to the tea table, and have their own history too.

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