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10 Tips For a Great Start To Your Day for Families!

We’ve celebrated summer with glorious iced teas, afternoon tea in the garden and trips to beautiful beaches. The crisp morning air is introducing our favourite season. Time to enjoy the little things - going out for a walk, updating the wardrobe with a cold weather statement piece and a quiet moment or two with the little ones back at nursery or school. Every day can be amazing – especially when you start it right! Here’s our top 10 list of tips to get you off to a great start to each morning.

1) Wake up just a little earlier than everyone else

And savour your first cup of tea in the morning in peace and quiet. Choose your favourite tea from the Twinings selection! Strong and dark or green and herbal? Whatever tea you need in the morning, we’ve got it at Twinings. This will set you up for a really great day.

The first cup is always the best cup!

2) Get organized the evening before

Clear away dinner and set the breakfast table so you don’t have to stress about it in the morning. Make up any lunch boxes; fill in any permission forms, double check everything, so you reduce the number of tasks in the morning.

3) Create a “launch pad” for the kids


Get them to lay out all their bits and bobs for the next day the night before, so everything’s ready and waiting by the front door!

This is great if you want to avoid the last minute scramble for forgotten schoolbooks and bags, shoes and socks and all the other paraphernalia of the school run!

4) Have a routine


Structuring your evening and morning routines really helps you start the day in the best way.

Make sure everyone sits down for homework at the same time; sits down for supper together to relax and chat and enjoy each other’s company; and that everyone has some free time to spend playing, or reading or relaxing before bed.

5) Early to bed, early to rise

Make sure both you and the kids get to bed early and have a good sleep. This means you’ll wake up refreshed instead of groggy!

6) Electronics ban!

On a related note… computer, TV and phone screens keep the mind buzzing.

Make sure everyone’s electronic devices are switched off at least an hour before bedtime. Perhaps even ban them from the bedroom – to be replaced with a bedtime storybook, or an audio book. This is not just for the kids!

7) Gentle music

Waking up to the b-b-b-beep of an alarm clock is horrible! Choose a nice soundtrack to wake up to – one that puts a smile on your face. And why not play some classic FM or your favourite, tranquil music in the kitchen as the household gradually begins to wake up. It will ensure everyone wakes up happy!

8) Wake up call

Why not let the kids set their own (nice sounding!) alarms. When you feel they should be stirring and beginning to get up, bring them a cup of tea and draw the curtains.

9) Gamification

Create a family star chart for the kids (there are some cool apps for this for get your teens on board) to encourage them to help out with chores, making their beds, brushing their teeth etc. This helps structure their morning routine and makes chores feel like fun!

First one ready for breakfast gets a double star…

10) Family breakfast – a time to treasure!

Make sure both you and the kids get to bed early and have a good sleep. This means you’ll wake up refreshed instead of groggy!

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