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100 Ways To Colour Your Day & Celebrate Gratitude

Every day is a gift, that is why we call it the present. New beginnings are filled with so much potential; why not say yes to being happy every day?

100 little ways to colour your day

1)     Start the day with your favourite cup of tea to get the day off to the best start

2)     Make a Happiness Jar - all you need is a jar, some colourful notelets and your favourite pen. Scribble one thing you are grateful for on a note every day and pop it in the happiness jar

3)     Reflect on all the amazing things you have done in the past year – there will be more than you think!

4)     Create a poster of all the amazing things you’d like to do this year

5)     Nothing beats a good brisk walk, taking in the sights and sounds of the birds and trees. It’s relaxing, refreshing and energising

6)     Keep a night time gratitude journal to reflect on all the good things that happened that day. What was the best thing that happened today? What made you smile?

7)     Have a good stretch in the morning and evenings - shake off the cobwebs and get energised

8)     Pick a person whom you’re grateful for. Write them a little message of thanks. Maybe treat them to lunch or dinner – or just a cup of tea over the kitchen table

9)     Assemble your top five favourite outfits and wear one each day, Monday - Friday

10)   Sign up for a free exercise or yoga class

11)   Have a spring clean - donate old items you just don’t love anymore  

12)   Make a cake and invite friends for afternoon tea. Check out ways you can make this more of an event on our website! We have lots of recipes, teaware and ideas for an amazing afternoon tea time

13)   Have a sleepover with your friends. Watch films, eat your favourite snacks and chat all night. Then you can enjoy breakfast together in the morning with your all-important favourite cup of tea

14)   Ask your friends for their favourite funny YouTube videos and make a playlist to share with everyone.

15)   Print some of your recent photos and stick them on your fridge for a nice reminder of all the fun you’ve been having

16)   Tell a joke or watch a stand-up comedy show!

17)   Start a Come Dine With Me inspired competition with a group of friends

18)   Participate in a car boot sale – a great way to declutter as well as a fun day out. You can put the money towards a holiday, or give it to charity

19)   Take a bubbly bath and light some candles. Little luxuries can make your heart sing!

20)   Write yourself a gratitude post card and send it - to yourself!

21)   Give someone a surprise gift - just because

22)   Pack a hamper full of treats and go on a picnic

23)   Fun with the kids: Build a fort or a den in your house or camp in your garden

24)   Send a postcard to someone you haven’t seen in a long while

25)   Visit a museum or gallery - lots of them are free or very cheap. A great way to spend some quality time alone, or with a friend

26)   Book a session with a makeup consultant in your favourite department store

27)   Volunteer for a cause you care about or set up a fundraising event such as a bring-and-buy or cake sale… The options are endless and it’s great to get the kids involved too

28)   January evenings are so snug and cosy – how about putting together that enormous puzzle you got for Christmas? A fun and peaceful way to spend the evening

29)   Listen to a podcast about something that interests you

30)   Pick flowers – the colours and smell will liven up the room

31)   Go bowling and get the competitive team spirit going

32)   Watch a TED Talk for some inspiration

33)   Make crafts and display them in your home. This is also fun to do with the kids. Getting arty is a great way to relax

34)   Play hide and seek with the kids

35)   Surprise your co-workers with a treat

36)   Go swimming

37)   Make a recipe book with your friends, and take it in turns to try them out over fun lunches, dinners and get-togethers

38)   Go to the cinema

39)   Meet a friend for a drink and a catch up

40)   Make paper aeroplanes

41)   Complete a Sudoku puzzle

42)   Go to the library

43)   Make your own pizza with all your favourite toppings

44)   Trade books with a friend

45)   Go to the zoo

46)   Jot down compliments you’ve been given and tape them to your mirror so you see them every day

47)   Babysit for a friend

48)   Create a vision board of all the goals you’re aiming for this year

49)   Have fun at the playground with the kids

50)   Take up a sport you’ve always wanted to learn – like tennis, karate or canoeing!

51)   Collect shells on a beach

52)   Buy yourself flowers

53)   Give your bedroom a makeover. It can be a s simple as moving the furniture around

54)   Learn a new skill or craft like painting or pottery

55)   What are you passionate about? Geography, travel and adventure? Arts and crafts? Sign up to a society or group that puts on talks and lectures or subscribe to their magazine. (E.g. the Royal Geographic Society.)

56)   Go on a photography adventure

57)   Paint a wall in your home your favourite colour

58)   Learn a dance routine from an online video

59)   Or take up dance classes like cerock or salsa!

60)   Get up early and watch the sunrise

61)   Visit a local beach and put your feet in the sea

62)   Take some time out to sit back and enjoy your favourite cup of tea and a book or magazine

63)   Try out some DIY

64)   Sign up for a colour run. That’s definitely going to put some colour in your day!

65)   Peruse a bookstore, and treat yourself to something completely different to your usual choices

66)   Memorise the lyrics to a favourite song and let loose in the kitchen

67)   Watch the clouds go by

68)   Have a photo shoot with your BFF

69)   Tell someone you love them

70)   Sit in the sun for a few minutes or enjoy rays of sunshine coming through the window

71)   Do something adventurous! Ride a scooter, go paddleboarding, head to your nearest ice skating rink

72)   Fly a kite in the park

73)   Visit a rooftop bar with friends and enjoy a cocktail with a view

74)   Drink green tea – or a green tea with your favourite infusion

75)   Dance in the rain

76)   Host a barbecue

77)   Make your favourite drink at home and invite friends over to share

78)   Download fun, new apps to your phone

79)   Treat yourself to a trip to the theatre – drama, stand up or a musical? Oh my!

80)   Draw on the pavement with chalk

81)   Attend a concert – classical, pop, rock, country and western

82)   Plant vibrant plants in the garden or herbs in the kitchen

83)   Write a positive review online for a restaurant you’ve enjoyed

84)   Make a snow or sand angel

85)   For the brave… take it to karaoke!

86)   Go camping. Nights out in nature can be really restorative and great fun

87)   Meditation and mindfulness, adult colouring books – giving yourself just 10-20 minutes of time out to simply focus on your breathing is amazing for your sense of well-being and inspiration

88)   Shop at a farmer's market, or visit your local artisanal stores

89)   Cook something new you've never eaten before. If you’re feeling really adventurous book yourself onto a cookery class

90)   Wear a brightly coloured outfit to lift your spirits – who cares if it clashes?

91)   Have a no-electricity night, and light candles everywhere

92)   Try to drink eight glasses of water in a day – or the equivalent. Read our article on how you can make staying hydrated fun and easy!

93)   Meet up for a mani/pedi with your friends

94)   Cosy up in front of a favourite movie

95)   Watch your favourite sports game - live if you can get the tickets and treat yourself!

96)   Plan a road trip

97)   Listen to the radio or an audio book instead of watching the telly

98)   FaceTime an old friend

99)   Have a little dance around the kitchen

100) Organise a games night with friends – get everyone to bring a dish and a bottle over

The list really is endless… we could go on!

How easy was that?

There are so many ways you can add a bit of colour to your day and make someone else’s day, too.

Simple joys and pleasures really add up – treating yourself and others in little, inexpensive ways really makes you appreciate every single day. Carving out moments of personal space and time, staying hydrated, doing something little for yourself and your loved ones every day makes it easy to feel grateful for life.

Hopefully this list has inspired you to create your own or add to ours!

Tell us about the little things that add colour to your day with #ColourYourDay

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