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The Best Breakfast Tea For You

No matter how busy or laid-back you are in the morning, a good day starts with a cup or two of your favourite breakfast tea. And there is more than one great option to choose from!

Never before in the history of the perfect start to the day has there been such a wealth of inspiration and great little ideas.

From inventive healthy choice breakfasts that look gorgeous, taste great, can be prepared quickly and easily, or even the night before to old fashioned yoghurts, cereals and porridge which can be jazzed up with fruits and seeds, nuts and confits. From yoghurts and fruit, to cereals and toast; a delicious breakfast can be enjoyed “on the fly” by busy people and busy families!

Be inspired

Best Breakfast Tea

Starting the day with a zip and a zing? We get to visit tea gardens all over the world to find the best teas for our English Breakfast. A worthwhile journey for a truly great cup of tea which is full of body with a light finish.

If you’re the get up and go but “oops my top is on inside out” type, then our English Strong Breakfast tea is going to put that spring in your step!

Normally a coffee drinker? Then why not try out our punchy Assam – guaranteed to help crank those gears into turbo drive!

You’ve slept through thousands of snoozes and woken up at tea time? No problem. Our gentle Afternoon Tea will ease you gently into the world again.

Or for those of you whose happy go lucky disposition means you’re dealing with dirty handprints on the walls whilst changing a nappy whilst on the phone to a friend… then Twinings Everyday tea might be just the trick to keep some calm amongst the chaos!

Maybe just have a look at all Twinings Teas for Every Day for some more inspiration.

Best BreakFast Tea For Me

Why is breakfast called breakfast?

"It is a modern word that compounds the medieval expression “to break your fast”. Overnight, as we sleep, we go without food, or fast… when you rise in the morning and eat, you “break” this fast. Hence Break-fast."

English Breakfast


Our English Breakfast has a lot of body with a light finish. The perfect way to start your day with a zip and a zing.

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English Strong Breakfast


Our English Strong Breakfast is bold and full of flavour.

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The tea Twinings has become world famous for! Light with an exotic perfumed bergamot flavour.

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Twinings Breakfast Tea Inspiration

Shop All Teas For Every Day

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Earl Grey - 100 Tea Bags

£5.29 each

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Our famous Earl Grey - lemon and bergamot flavoured black tea.

Breakfast Recipes

So if breakfast is the new black… what are you going to make for breakfast tomorrow? For ideas and inspiration check out some of our fabulous recipe ideas.

Read our Recipes

Give the gift of a great start to the day

Why not treat yourself, too? Shop All Twinings Gift Sets & Hampers

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Brighter Breakfast Hamper

£45.00 each

A great start to the day with the best cup of tea and a deluxe hamper filled with tea, treats and beautiful Tokyo Design Studio mugs.

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Breakfast Favourites Gift Bag

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Start your day the best way with this Breakfast Favourites Gift Bag.

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Twinings Collection Speciality Teas - 40 Envelopes

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This selection of our classic varieties is sure to give you the perfect cup of tea, whatever your mood. Our Union Jack selection boxes are hugely popular gifts.

Why is breakfast important?

Overnight your body has gone without water and energy (food) for around 8 hours. While sleep certainly replenishes you, your body’s metabolism needs a kick start in the morning. So breakfast is your first opportunity to hydrate and energize for the day.

Lots of breakfast foods contain vital nutrients (protein, fibre, calcium, iron and B vitamins) which give you a better focus at work and school. Without breakfast we are more likely to feel starving by mid morning and to reach for a quick high-fat or high-sugar snack which brings with it a quick energy boost followed by a big dip.

Breakfast ensures we balance our systems first thing.

Start the day right!

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