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Food Pairing - Chocolate Truffles & Tea

Twinings teas are unique and complex, with multi-dimensional flavour qualities, that when paired with equally rich chocolate truffles can result in an enhanced many-layered taste sensation.

Welcome to tea & chocolate truffle heaven. We’ve recently welcomed acquainted with truffle chocolatiers par excellence. Welcome to the magical world of Monty Bojangles. It was only a matter of time before our own master tea blenders got their hands on some of these sumptuous truffles and got to work, blending and slurping, to find the perfect tea and truffle taste sensations and combinations.

Twinings master blender, Philippa Thacker spent hours pouring over her hand picked tea leaves and Monty Bojangles assortment of luxurious truffled chocolates from Flutterscotch to Cookie Moon, Scrumple Nutty to Ruby Fruit Sunday, finally finding herself on the island of Pistachio marooned.

Her mission:

To use her highly tuned taste buds and encyclopaedic knowledge of tea varieties to create the perfect pairings.

Twinings teas are unique and complex, with multi-dimensional flavour qualities, that when paired with equally rich chocolate truffles can result in an enhanced many-layered taste sensation, transporting you to the tropical islands and flavour shores of far-flung lands. Teas and chocolate truffles share many attributes in flavour such as sweet or bitter, fruity or malty, caramel or rose. So …

Having employed her magic and highly skilled alchemy, Philippa has come up with the choicest of Twinings teas to perfectly match and enhance the eclectic range of Monty Bojangles chocolate truffles. It was a difficult job of course, but Philippa’s stamina has resulted in the world’s most delicious pairings of chocolate truffles and teas.

We’ve created a colourful chart of all Philippa’s recommendations so you can try them out for yourself and we’ve also put together some luxury Twinings gift sets for all the truffle pairings, too. Including a Twinings gift bag, box of truffles and its matching tea.

These tea and chocolate truffle gift sets make really nice presents and look wonderful on the table for afternoon tea or after dinner luxury. We love that the chocolate truffles come in stunning vintage design gift boxes. The illustrations transport you through the looking glass, and down the rabbit hole into a strange and exotic land of beautiful flowers and creatures from oversized butterflies to undersized storks and magnificent peacocks sitting on a cloud puffing out of a gramophone. Such a colourful world of truffles deserves equally exotic and quality teas…

Philippa has chosen two Teas per Truffle, a loose-leaf tea and one from our range of pyramid tea bags. Have a look below, and take off into a whole new world of adventure in tea and chocolate food pairing.

COOKIE MOON Truffles Pairing guide


Monty Bojangles in his hot pink flying contraption flew higher and higher and left the stratosphere and finally scraped the moon, picking up as he did, deliciously buttery pieces of it, which turned out to be crumbly cookies. Perfect for combining with his luxury chocolate truffles.

Philippa says that Cookie Moon pairs perfectly with:

Tie Guan Yin Oolong

Tie Guan Yin, or 'Iron Goddess of Mercy'. It is one of China's most renowned oolong teas and is steeped in colourful legends of divine apparitions and hidden treasure… the aroma is sweet with hints of fruit and the flavour complex, honeyed and with caramel notes.

Green Tea Mango & Ginger

This wonderful vegetal green tea is given an exotic dash of fiery ginger and mellow mango that creates a fruity flavour complex – the honeyed notes of mango contrasted with the ginger and green flavours.

FLUTTER SCOTCH Truffles Pairing guide

Flutter Scotch Truffles

Filled with pieces of creamy butterscotch and a hint of sea salt, this sweet and savoury taste combination will truly make your heart flutter with every scrumptious mouthful!

Philippa says that Flutter Scotch pairs perfectly with:

China Green

This fine tea is from Eastern China, a fertile territory whose subtropical climate lends itself perfectly to tea production. The flavour is full of refreshing grassy notes with hints of asparagus.

Golden Caramel Rooibos

From South Africa this caffeine free tea has a rich depth of flavour enhanced by a dash of caramel – a perfect pairing to Flutter Scotch truffles!

Scrumple Nutty Truffles Pairing guide


Yummy pieces of seriously nutty toasted hazelnuts infuse this delicious chocolate truffle, as always dusted off with exquisite cocoa… sure to send you scrumple nutty!

Philippa says that Scrumple Nutty pairs perfectly with:

Keemun Mao Feng

This is a rare and delicious Keemun black tea from Qimen County in the southern-most part of Anhui Province, East China. When infused the leaves become coppery and the liquor is tawny, with a complex, sweet flavour and hints of hazelnut.

Nutty Chocolate Flavour Assam

Smooth and creamy infused with nuttiness – like a praline truffle itself!

RUBY FRUIT SUNDAY Truffles Pairing guide

Ruby Fruit Sunday Truffles

Apparently discovered by Monty Bojangles as he floated dreamily along the ruby fruit river one Sunday… these luxury French truffles are filled with red berry and delicious crumbly biscuit (discovered on the river bed of course) and dusted off with bitter-sweet cocoa. So berry chocolatey.

Philippa says that Ruby Fruit Sunday pairs perfectly with:

Gunpowder GREEN

The liquor is yellow, with a strong, honeyed and slightly smoky flavour that lingers on the palate… a wonderful pairing.

Enchanting Forest fruits

A many-berried flavoured fruit tea – to enchant the senses and a match made in heaven with Ruby Fruit Sunday including: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and a dash of creamy vanilla!

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