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Tea-riffic Wellbeing Idea Competition

Send in your Tea-riffic Wellbeing Ideas and be in with a chance to win 1 of 10 Twinings Ultimate Wellness Gift Bags.

The last year has been bizarre, unpredictable and overwhelming to say the least! With significant changes to daily life it’s not surprising that Wellbeing, both mental and physical, has been hitting the headlines as most of us have had to adapt to rapidly changing situations.
Amongst the chaos people have found, created and shared amazing wellbeing hacks to help themselves and others simply get through each week one day at a time. It is these ideas we want to celebrate and share!
We would love for you to share your “Tea-riffic Wellbeing Ideas” – the little ideas, the creative hacks, the big changes – whatever it is that has helped you to get through the last year, we would love to hear about it! Not only do we want to CELEBRATE all the amazing things you have been doing, but we want to SHARE with others. Inspiring others is one of the most powerful things you can do; you never know how much of an impact your story may have on someone else’s life.

Your Tea-riffic Wellbeing Ideas

Share your Tea-riffic Wellbeing Idea and be in with a chance to win 1 of 10 Ultimate Wellness Gift Bags:

Competition closes at midnight on 27th June 2021

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Twinings Wellbeing Ideas

We asked some of our colleagues at Twinings to share some of the things they’ve been up to in lockdown to support their wellbeing:

Ali’s dose of Vitamin Sea

I have always loved the sea and have spent time paddle boarding, surfing and splashing around, but my love for the sea was confined to summer. I was fair weather bather and generally when the temperate was greater than 25 degrees. Last spring, I took part in a cold water immersion workshop as I had heard many benefits of cold water swimming and I was tempted to get involved. Over the summer I acclimatised myself and by October I was regular swimming in the sea in a wetsuit.

As the temperate got colder I found the experience of trying to swim and then the faff of getting the wetsuit off was not great, so instead of giving up for winter I made the transition into skins swimming, just swimming in a swimming costume, neoprene gloves & socks and the essential piece of kit the bobble hat. Time in the water reduced with the drop in degrees but the exhilaration increased week on week. I feel addicted and get to about Thursday and start checking tide times and making plans for the weekend.  Each week my swim is accompanied with a herbal tea to warm me up when I get out.

As we can only exercise in pairs, I have been going with just one friend, but can’t wait to swim with the groups I follow on social media and feel the collective buzz. Many call it sea therapy, but I like to call it my dose of vitamin sea.

This has really kept me smiling throughout lockdown!

Maddie’s Family Trip around the World

As the nation heard the news, we were all moving into another National Lockdown, our heads dropped at the thought of dark nights, miserable weather and a return of the dreaded home school reopening. Could we bear being stuck indoors together 24/7 - the thought of the next few months was pretty overwhelming.
We tried to get out for family walks as much as possible. One lunchtime in the first week of January, we chatted about what could make the weekends more exciting, give us something to look forward to and make us feel like we were ‘out, out’. We decided we would have a country themed Saturday night, every Saturday night, until we came out of lockdown. Between us we chose all the countries we would like to ‘experience’ and put them all in a jar and agreed we would take turns picking the country each week, on that night we would get dressed up, listen to music, make food and drinks and watch a film all from that country.

We all loved getting dressed up, doing our hair and makeup and ordering props so we could live the night as a Mexican, Australian, Italian etc. Every Saturday, we went for it, from salt fish and reggae to making sushi to playing petanque. We decorated the kitchen with flags from the country of choice and blared out their traditional music. We even got to educate the children with some old films, one of our favourites was Jamaican night when we all watched Cool Runnings – classic!
Saturday nights were the highlight of the week and we managed to ‘visit’ 12 countries overall, we tried new food dishes and have some lovely memories of how we all learnt how to have fun as a family, even if we were stuck at home for 3 months.

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