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The Important Firsts of the Day

Get a great start to the day and you’re ready to take on the world.

Let our lively English Strong Breakfast and golden English Breakfast teas kick start your day.

We’re celebrating the important firsts of the day that set you up for the day ahead; from getting that all important first cup of tea just right to getting time for a proper cuddle, a chat with your partner or taking time to plan out your day.

Your First Cup Deserves Twinings - Important Firsts Of The Day

We asked filmmaker Xanthe Berkeley to share the beautiful and important firsts of the day. Here’s what she showed us.

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Top tips to give their morning a boost

To help get your day off to the perfect start we spoke to Psychotherapist Robert Stewart for his top tips on little things people can do to give their morning a boost. He told us:

  • Shake up your routine. A change in routine will start to awaken your mind as you have to be aware of what you’re doing.
  • Leave a few minutes earlier. The lack of rushing on your commute and reduced production of your stress hormone cortisol outweighs the extra 5 minutes in bed!
  • Start your day with your meetings. Use the beginning of your day to connect with those around you and boost your happy hormones.

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Tea Lovers Unite

What’s your favourite breakfast to pair with your first cup of the day? We’d love to hear on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @twiningsteauk


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