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The Twinings Bake Off

We invited a group of tea-loving bloggers to a tea tasting masterclass at our London flagship store at 216 Strand.

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your day. There’s no better feeling than tucking into a delicious, freshly baked cake or biscuit with a satisfying cup of tea to wash it down. 

A cup of tea provides a home comfort, and while making a cuppa is as easy as popping a teabag in the mug, the journey each cup of tea has made to be there with you – and the care taken to make sure each sip tastes the same no matter when you drink it - requires serious recognition.

Tea-loving bloggers at Twinings tea tasting masterclass

We invited a group of tea-loving bloggers to a tea tasting masterclass at our London flagship store at 216 Strand. The class was hosted by Twinings Master Blender Rishi Deb who shared some incredible insights about the tea blending process as well as the care and attention that goes into every box of Twinings tea. As part of the session, Rishi also provided inspiration on how to perfectly complement your favourite tea with the flavours of a variety of cakes and biscuits.

Just like the tea blending process, baking a cake is a very involved, step by step process inspired by the passion to create something that tastes simply incredible. With the Great British Bake Off now in full swing, we've asked our foodie bloggers to dream up their very own sweet baked creations using Twinings English Strong Breakfast, Earl Grey or Spicy Chai as a key ingredient.

Twinings Bake Off Creations

Belleau Kitchen

English Strong Breakfast, tear and share sticky buns
Dom Franks

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Twinings Tea Tasting on the Strand
Julia Frey

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Super Golden Bakes

Carrot Cake with Mascarpone Frosting and Chai Caramel
Lucy Parissi

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Cate in the Kitchen

An Evening with Twinings
Cate Bell

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Charlotte's Lively Kitchen

Bara Brith Biscuits
Charlotte Oates

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Taming Twins

Apple Chai Spiced Bundt Cake Recipe
Sarah Barnes

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Favourite Twinings Teas

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Master Blender Rishi Deb in action at 216 Strand

Did you know that there are only nine Twinings Master Blenders in the world?

In order to become experts in their field, they train for 7 years and spend several months in our tea growing regions to learn everything there is to know to create the perfect blend. And to make sure each cup of tea is as delicious as possible, they taste an average of 600 cups of tea a day.

Our Master Blenders are the rock stars of the tea world and the only people who know the recipes of the Twinings tea blends.

Twinings Masterclass at 216 Strand

Thomas Twining started selling tea from his coffee house on London's Strand in 1706 and promised to sell only the finest qualities and varieties. His pledge is still upheld to this day.

Why not book your very own tea masterclass with one of our tea ambassadors today?

Book Your Tea Masterclass Today

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