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Top 10 Twinings Iced Tea Recipes

Some might argue that summer never truly arrives in the UK but boy do we know how to celebrate sunshine when it arrives. Cool down in style with our Twinings Top 10 List of iced tea recipes. Great for sharing with friends and family.

There is nothing lovelier than the English countryside on a summer’s day. To experience more this summer, Twinings delicious and refreshing iced teas are the perfect addition to any social gathering or a solitary relaxing afternoon in the garden.

Summer is here

The warmer weather conjures images of rolling hills, manicured cricket pitches, mown lawns, rhododendron bushes, tennis matches, lazy long afternoons of picnics, boating on rivers, beach walks and catching the surf, and general fun in the sun.

Summertime is truly a wonderful time of year. The music festivals, the pub gardens, the Frisbee in the parks. It’s also the time to simply kick back in the hammock with a good book and relax. The heat can of course mean you need to find some shade and cool off with a refreshing ice-cold drink…


Twinings variety of iced teas are refreshing, delicious and extremely easy and quick to make. Simple and hassle free being our watchwords for the summer, iced teas can easily be produced in big batches for friends, for parties, or simply to last you for the week. They also look really attractive (as well as tickling the taste buds!). There are as many varieties of tea that can be used to make iced tea, as there are occasions to drink it! Black, green, fruit and herbal teas can all be transformed into delicious batches of iced tea.

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Here are our top 10 iced tea recipes and ideas:

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How to make iced tea: the basic formula

Serves 4 and makes 1 litre of iced tea.

  • Use a heatproof 1 litre jug.
  • Pop in four tea bags or 4 teaspoons of loose leaf tea of your choice.
  • Add freshly boiled water till 1/3 full.
  • Brew for 5 minutes.
  • Add 2/3 cold water.
  • Mix with some exciting add-ons and ingredients (see our recipes for inspiration) and sweeten to taste.
  • And finally ... ice cubes & pretty looking garnishes. Think fresh berries, sliced lemon or even edible flowers and glitter.

Jazzing it up

We all know the iced tea classics of lemon and zest, orange peel and peach. But you can jazz up your iced tea in numerous ways. For instance our dazzling array of green teas and infusions go well with fresh fruits and garden herbs like mint, lemons, strawberries and just think of the wow factor you could create by adding edible glitter and flowers … the list is endless.

Iced tea is a refreshing alcohol free alternative to your evening sundowner; equally iced teas make delicious cocktails – why not add a splash of something stronger for those lovely balmy evenings.

From Earl Grey to herbal infusions, iced tea really is the perfect companion for your ultimate alfresco entertaining ventures.

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Twinings Infusions Perfect Over Ice

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Serving suggestions

Embracing the summer and blue skies, it is so easy to present iced tea in style! Either in individual glasses or trendy jars, with straws and umbrellas, or with some of our eye catching serve ware such as glass jugs or pitchers filled with fresh fruits and ice cubes.

Wherever you find yourself this summer… enjoy it with a cooling and delicious Twinings iced tea!

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