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Turmeric, the Golden Spice

Chew-meric, too-meric, tuhr-meric… there seems to be a lot of chatter and confusion around this spice. Although it’s from the same plant family as ginger, turmeric often isn’t as widely known or used outside of Asian cultures.

Here in the UK, many know it as an occasional curry ingredient, and it’s starting to crop up increasingly in lattes and face creams. But of course, there is so much more to turmeric and it is well worth taking a closer look.


Turmeric is thought to originate from Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Like ginger, we use the root of the plant to make food and drink. Most commonly, this will be in its powdered form, made from dried and ground turmeric roots.

It is instantly recognisable for its vibrant orange-yellow colour. In fact, turmeric is still used to dye the robes of Buddhist monks a rich shade of ochre.


The word ‘turmeric’ (pronounced ‘tur-muhr-ik’, in case you were wondering) is thought to derive from the Latin, ‘terra merita’, meaning ‘worthy earth’. This is quite appropriate, considering the earthy flavour of turmeric. Some liken it to black pepper, or even mustard. It has a certain spicy bitterness that can be quite intense on its own.


You’ll find turmeric in a great deal of traditional savoury dishes, including Thai and Indian curries, East Asian pickles, and Vietnamese pancakes. However, this aromatic spice is appearing more frequently in other kinds of foods too. At the breakfast table, it might be blended into an invigorating fruit juice, drunk as a creamy yoghurt, or stirred into eggs or porridge oats for a golden start to your day.

In some UK coffee shops, a smoky turmeric latte is currently all the rage. When drunk alone with milk, turmeric can be rather pungent. Spices like cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger can help to soften the flavour, and adding honey or maple syrup will sweeten and lift.

Twinings has also blended a tasty spiced infusion with turmeric at its heart. Our Turmeric Superblend contains 45% turmeric, along with plenty of other warming fruits and herbs. Here, sweet, zesty lemongrass and orange meet comforting liquorice and star anise. The result is a tangy, slightly woody, award-winning* mix of autumnal flavours.


A cup of Twinings Turmeric Superblend contains no caffeine, and therefore makes a delicious hot drink at any time of the day, including before bedtime or after you’ve eaten.

Turmeric has been used for generations all over the world to support digestion. Enjoy 2 cups a day as part of a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

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If you are pregnant/breastfeeding or on drug medication, be sure to consult with a professional before trying these remedies.

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