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Twinings Go Natural Week

Go 100% Natural with the Twinings 'All Natural Challenge'.

We believe days are best lived when we’re getting the most they have to offer. We should be grabbing every opportunity to make the most of things and take a positive outlook on life.

So let a perfect cup of Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions awaken your senses to the best each day has to offer, and help you to feel good on the inside and out!

Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions are a delicious “all natural” product and are an easy way to drink more water, as well as drinking something that’s 100% natural.

The Go Natural Challenge

Twinings would like you eat only natural products, drink natural drinks, do one natural activity – e.g. walk, run, yoga – and find one way to bring nature into your home e.g. buying fresh flowers.

Read how our bloggers delved into their very own all natural day.

Meet The 'All Natural' Contestants

Lucie from 'Lucie Loves'

A lifestyle blog

Tea time = Me time with Twinings Go Natural Week

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Sam from 'Strawberry Squeeze'

UK lifestyle blog

4 Simple Changes You Can Make to Feel Good Everyday

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The Go Natural Challenge

Shop all Fruit & Herbal Infusions

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Pure Peppermint - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.69 each

Look up at the sky and see a kite dancing over houses and the trees in the cooling, gentle breeze.  Cup in hand, feet firmly on the ground, you too can feel as light as air with this refreshing infusion.

Rated 5 based on 0 reviews

Lemon & Ginger - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.69 each

Spring into action and feel the splash of cool water on your face.  Embrace the invigorating freedom and lightness that continues throughout your day.

Poppy from 'Poppy Loves'

A London lifestyle, food and travel blog

Going Natural

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Rosie from 'Cider With Rosie'

A blog about live, loves and little joys

Easy like Sunday morning

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Jemima from 'Celery and Cupcakes'

Nourishing healthy recipes, lifestyle tips and stories to help you create a happy, healthy and balanced life.

Simple Self-care Rituals For Better Wellbeing

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