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Twinings Superblends - Here For You Live

Twinings hosted a podcast event in partnership with Acast featuring the live recording of three leading podcasters: Katie Piper, Emma Gannon, the Standard Issue.

These podcasts focused on the topic of wellbeing and explored personal experiences in relation to this important and relevant conversation.

As part of our drive to provide Brits with strategies to counter the pressures of modern life, Twinings hosted an inspirational podcast live event.

A series of high profile podcasters including Emma Gannon (Ctrl, Alt, Delete), Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People, and Standard Issue chat to their guests to discuss how small changes, such as that extra tea break, have helped to improve their emotional wellbeing.

The three 45 minute podcasts provide the perfect antidote to a stressful day; covering wellbeing, resilience and mindfulness.

Available to listen to now through Acast.

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#Here For You - podcast series*

#Here For You - Standard Issue

In this special episode of Standard Issue, brought to you by Twinings SUPERBLENDS GLOW tea, Mickey, Jen and Hannah have a playful chat with screenwriter Sarah Phelps and comedian Sara Pascoe about their positive lifestyle habits amongst other things.

#Here For You - Ctrl Atl Delete

In this special episode of Ctrl, Alt, Delete brought to you by Twinings SUPERBLENDS ENERGISE tea, Emma Gannon has an animated, uplifting chat with her guest Poppy Jamie about lifestyle and well-being tips. 

#Here For You - Katie Piper

In this special edition of Katie Piper's Extraordinary People brought to you by Twinings SUPERBLENDS DEFENCE tea, Katie talks to John Spence, ambassador for the Open University and Irlens Syndrome sufferer. Poignant, heart-warming and inspiring, Katie and John discuss what its like to live with an undiagnosed condition and how John's incredible emotional resilience has helped him throughout his life.

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*The views and opinions expressed within these podcasts are those of the presenters and guests, and do not necessarily reflect those of Twinings.

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