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Tea-rific Ambassadors

Stephen Twining

Job Title: Director of Corporate Relations

Tell us about your role at Twinings and what you do.
I am a global brand ambassador for the company, and support our markets in gaining media coverage. Explaining to retailers and out of home customers the difference between our teas and tea in general. Increasingly talking about our blending skills for Infusions.

Tell us a typical day in the life of your role.
There really is not a typical days.  

What do you love about your job?
The variety of things I get involved in, and working with the different teams around the world. When I hold consumer tastings, seeing people faces light up when they discover a new tea.  

What made you choose your career?
When I was 8 years old, I conducted my first tea tasting for my class mates. They were amazed by the variety of different tastes, so I thought I would teach the world about tea and infusions.  

Name two traits to describe yourself?
I enjoy working with and meeting people, and I have a great passion for our products.

Whats your favourite country you’ve visited?
I have been lucky enough to visit over 50 countries, but my favourite journey is always the one that takes me home.

Whats your favourite tea?
It changes by the hour, as different teas suit me at different times of day.

Whats your favourite product?
I love several of our Cold In'Fuse range, and especially the Passionfruit Mango and blood Orange with fizzy water. Lemon and ginger is a perennial favourite as is Blackcurrant, Gingseng and Vanilla.

Meet the 216 Strand Team

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Natalia Dabrowska

Twinings Strand Flagship Store Manager.

How long have you been with Twinings?
Since early 2011 – that is pretty long but I love every minute of it.

Which tea could you not live without?
Assam – my morning wake-me-up tea, my lifesaver and a tea fit for any occasion. But I also like the whole range of teas that come in our Superblands range - they are created with the specific aim to fit in with our personal wellness. At the moment my favourite is `Focus`.

How have your tea habits changed over the years?
Absolutely! Working with Twinings is like working in `tea haven`, you’re spoiled for choice. I used to drink only black teas and only a few herbal infusions, but now I love white and green teas and love to mix different flavours.

What’s your top tea tip?
Don`t be afraid to try something new – so often we stick to our favourite tea and never try anything new – be adventurous!

How do you relax?
With a cup of Twinings whole-camomile-flowers infusion and a good book.

Alexia Kasapi

Brand Ambassador.

How long have you been with Twinings?
I Joined in 2018.

Which tea could you not live without?
Strong English Breakfast; Grey Dragon Oolong; Tie Guan Yin Oolong; Golden Monkey.

How have your tea habits changed over the years?
Completely! I wasn’t drinking any tea or infusions at all the past 2 years but now I’m a tea/herbal addict!

What’s your top tea tip?
Respect brewing times and pay attention to water temperature and quality. It makes a huge difference.

How do you relax?
The perfect way to relax myself is the Superblends ‘Calm’. Nothing helps me relax more!

Isaac Ivell

Brand Ambassador.

How long have you been with Twinings?
I joined Twinings in July 2019.

How have your tea habits changed over the years?
I have become a lot more careful about what temperature water I use to brew the tea leaves. 85°C for white and green tea, 90°C for oolong tea, and 95°C for anything else. At home, I have a temperature-controlled kettle to do the job for me.

What do you wish everyone knew about tea?
Reuse the tea leaves! When brewing a high quality, single origin loose leaf tea, many people do not realise that you can reuse the same tea leaves multiple times. The flavour will be slightly different each time you brew the tea, so you get the full experience. You can save yourself money by doing this too. In China, they use the same tea leaves all day long!

What’s your favourite part of the job?
My favourite part of the job has got to be the tea bar. I love serving customers on the bar, making samples of different teas and getting to share my knowledge with the customers. When it’s quiet, we get the opportunity to make ourselves a cup of tea which is always appreciated! 

How do you relax?
I’m a fairly active person. I love going to the gym, running and boxing.

Beatrice Lord

Brand Ambassador.

How long have you been with Twinings?
Since August 2019.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned as part of the Twinings team?
When tea first arrived in Britain, it was considered the ‘demon drink’! It’s come quite a long way since then.

What’s your perfect serve?
At the moment, I love experimenting with iced teas. So perhaps concentrated Jasmine Jade Butterflies topped up with prosecco!

What do you wish everyone knew about tea?
How much care and effort goes into growing and perfecting a quality tea.

What’s your ideal tea and food pairing?
A creamy Chai Latte with a cinnamon bun!

How do you relax?
Embroidering with a good audiobook.

Mark Laxton

Role: Retail store Administration and Office Manager

How long have you been with Twinings?
I've worked for Twinings since 2015.

Do you remember the first time you had a proper cup of tea? What was it?
I think I might have been about 5 years old. I remember putting four teaspoons of sugar and way too much milk!

What’s your favourite thing about working for Twinings, and working at the Flagship store?
The company is fantastic, not just for the rewards and benefits, but for the people and the values that Twinings instils in us. They really promote us to aim high and push ourselves in everything we do.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from, your passions, aspirations, favourite eating spot in London… whatever you will like to share!
I was born in London and love living in this fantastic city. I love socialising with my friends and family and exploring new adventures in my spare time. There’s an abundance of great eating spots within London, but you can’t beat the food and nightlife of Soho.

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