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Earl Grey

With its light elegant flavour and aristocratic roots, some people think of Earl Grey tea as somewhat posh - reserved for high days and holidays. But in reality, it's one of our most popular blends for every day.

Sip and savour the refreshing brilliance of bergamot and the subtle twist of lemon. Stock up on your favourites and try some new variations, too.

Named after Prime Minister Charles Grey, Earl Grey is often associated with the upper-class and reserved for special occasions. However, such is its popularity, this delicious, fragrant tea has recently risen to fame as an ingredient, with Earl Grey flavoured cakes, biscuits, preserves and even gins and cocktails appearing in restaurants, recipes and supermarkets all over the UK.

The tea originated as a replication of a tea given to the Prime Minister by a Chinese Mandarin, legend has it, as a gift after one of the Lord’s men saved his son from drowning.

What is Earl Grey tea?

Earl Grey tea is a flavoured tea, made from a blend of Keemun tea with Bergamot oil. Bergamot is a type of orange that mainly grows in Italy and France, and is said to be a hybrid of lemon and bitter orange plants. This tea is both full bodied and, delicate and refreshing, owing to its sunny notes of Bergamot, and is a quintessentially British classic. 

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The Twinings Earl Grey Teas Range

Shop all your favourite Earl Grey blends

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Earl Grey - 100 Tea Bags

£5.29 each

Out of stock

Our famous Earl Grey - lemon and bergamot flavoured black tea.

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Lady Grey - 100 Tea Bags

£5.29 each

Black tea with the fragrant flavour of orange, bergamot and lemon. Bright with zesty orange.

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Discovery Collection London Strand Earl Grey - Pyramid Tea Bags

£6.50 each

China tea scented with a blend of traditional bergamot with a twist of other citrus notes and added lemon peels. Presented in a pretty gift box containing a golden bag filled with loose leaf pyramid tea bags.

50% off

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Discovery Collection Orangery of Lady Grey - Pyramid Tea Bags

Now: £3.25 each

Was: £6.50

Out of stock

China tea scented with orange, lemon and bergamot with added cornflower petals. Presented in a pretty gift box containing a golden bag filled with loose leaf pyramid tea bags.

Does Earl Grey have Caffeine?

Like all teas, Earl Grey does contain some caffeine (it is made with a base of black tea). However, we do have a decaf version available if you’re trying to monitor your caffeine intake.

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What’s the difference between Earl Grey and Lady Grey?

Earl Grey tea is typically a black tea base with Bergamot added (sometimes other flavours are added to complement the Bergamot, but tradition dictates that Earl Grey simply has the addition of Bergamot).

Lady Grey is a similar version, unique only to Twinings, with a slightly more subtle flavour and added lemon and orange peel. Lady grey is often described as being slightly lighter and more subtle in flavour than Earl Grey. It’s perfect as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up with a biscuit or two!

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How to drink Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey can be taken black, or with milk. Some people enjoy it with honey or a slice of lemon, which complements the bergamot beautifully. We recommend brewing Earl Grey with not-quite boiling water for 2-3 minutes, depending on how strong you like it.



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The Greys Gift Bag

£12.00 each

Brighten your day with Twinings' original zesty citrus blends.

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The Earl Grey Connoisseur Gift Box

£13.00 each

Sold Out

Celebrate almost two centuries of an icon with these three distinct takes on the Earl Grey blend.

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Earl Grey Citrus Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box

£25.00 each

Out of stock

Earl Grey Citrus is a blend of Keemun leaves, low-grown Ceylon, and the subtle flavours of bergamont and grapefruit. Created by Twinings Masterblender Philippa Thacker.

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Tea Time Favourites Gift Bag

£12.00 each

Sold Out

Some things never go out of style. Four unbeatable classic black teas and our go-to biscuit pairing.

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